10 Romantic Things to Do on your Greece honeymoon

Greece is now becoming the most favorite spot for couples to plan their honeymoon. Can you believe that one of the most ancient cities in the world can actually be the perfect place for you and your loved one to be on your honeymoon? If yes, then here’s an assorted list of 10 romantic things to do on your honeymoon and make your Greece honeymoon an unforgettable one! Let’s get started! 

10 most romantic things to do on your Greece honeymoon  

  • Candle light dinner 
  • Partying in Rhodes island
  • Watch the sunset in Thessaloniki
  • Cruising in Santorini
  • Stargazing in Thiseio
  • Dance in Mykonos
  • Open-air Cinema in Paros
  • Rooftop dinner in Athens
  • Picnic on Elafonissi Beach, Crete
  • Cliff jumping in Amoudi Bay, Santorini

The above listed 10 romantic things are only limited to your choice and Greece has such endless options for you to make your honeymoon a spectacular one! 

1. Candle light Dinner, Corfu

Are romantic and candle light dinner two different terms? Absolutely not! You can never miss out on a candlelight dinner when you want to make your honeymoon a romantic one. With candles lit, champagne glasses glowing in the moonlight, slow music in the background, you and your loved one can enjoy the best Greek or Mediterranean food as you please and clink glasses to a new beginning. Corfu is the most happening place for tourists and also couples. How romantic does that sound? You can never go wrong with surprising your spouse at a candlelit dinner. 

2. Party in Rhodes island

Have you been waiting to party with your perfect person on the most beautiful island in the most hotspot of nightlife? We have the best choice for you. Faliraki in Rhodes island can never get better than its late-night parties. With the DJ playing some drop beats, hundreds of people dancing around, sipping your choice of wine, pure happiness, and fun around, can a night get better than this? There are some super fun places to party in Greece in which island parties top the list. So book your Greece honeymoon package right away to plan ahead! 

3. Watch the sunset in Thessaloniki

Watching sunsets is one of the most romantic and assuring things you can do if you are in love. How can you miss doing this on your honeymoon? Thessaloniki is undoubtedly the best place to watch the sun beautifully set behind the horizon and set the sky on fire in crimson red and rusty orange. Holding hands and witnessing this can be a perfect start for your honeymoon in Greece. And it is of absolutely no cost! You can spend the whole evening in the ports of Thessaloniki watching the sunset as you please.

4. Cruising in Santorini  

Cruising is such an underrated option for couples to do on their Greece honeymoon trip. Though you only get a few hours to sightsee the beauty of Santorini, you can jump on a boat and see the ancient ruins and abandonments. While on the boat, you can also enjoy the exotic food prepared by chefs on board from international cuisines and sip on your favourite wine.  With the endless blue skies and waters around, cruising moves your heart with love and tranquility.  

5. Stargazing in Thiseio, Athens 

Do you want to take your spouse on an amazing trip to the galaxy? This one on the list will exceed your expectations and perfection on your honeymoon in Greece. Spots for stargazing in Greece are many in number. Out of which we have picked some stunning places. Theseio, Karakas, Sounio, and Penteli are such famous places. These places hold the uniqueness of witnessing the Saturn and moon conjunction forming a Christmas star in the sky that occurs very rarely in the history of astronomy. Thiseio is a city right in the heart of Athens, which has many local observatories and telescopes for tourists to observe the galaxy’s movement. You can even book a private spot for you and your spouse to enjoy the night under millions of stars twinkling at you! 

6. Dance in Mykonos

Dancing is always a very sweet gesture. Dancing with your loved one can melt even the coldest heart. If you decide to ask your partner to dance with you in a tailor-made place for dancing and clubbing, how can anyone deny that? Mykonos has the most number of dancing clubs and also private seaside spots for you and your partner to dance. Mykonos is an island in Greece that is now being highly rated for its authenticity and beachside activities.

7. Watch a movie in the Open Air Theatre in Paros

Open Air Cinema is a very common activity to do in Western countries. Greece is no exception from the list. You can pay and buy tickets for the Open Air theatre and go there in advance to find the best place to sit and watch the movie. The movie will have English subtitles and you will find some beachside restaurants too. There are even some private setups like a cinema theatre, a queen-size bed with food and wine. Imagine spending the night with your loved one on the beachside, watching a movie under the widespread deep skies! Sounds so romantic right? These little things can make your Greece honeymoon trip so memorable! 

8. Rooftop Dinner in Athens

Have you ever had dinner on the rooftop? It is simply breathtaking just to watch the city from the top. How about having a romantic dinner under the moonlight, far away from all the city lights and noises? Greece sure has the best options for you. Hotel Grande Bretagne or any rooftop restaurant in Athens can be spectacularly beautiful.  With good food, amazing wine, soft music playing in the background just for you, and an amazing city view from the top totally escalates your honeymoon trip in Greece! 

9. Picnic on Elafonissi Beach, Crete

Picnics are always exciting. How about the idea of picnicking on a beach with pastel pink sand crystals, cute little pebbles, and turquoise waters? You heard me right! Such a dreamy place does exist in Greece and is perfect for your calm and soothing mornings and evenings. You can pack your choice of food, snacks, and juice or wine, listen to your favorite music together, and enjoy your day under the warm sun and beach by the side. Sounds perfect right? Elafonissi beach in Crete island is a piece of heaven on earth for newlywed couples to spend their honeymoon in Greece! 

10. Cliff jumping in Amoudi Bay, Santorini

Up for something filled with a pure adrenaline rush? Ready for a cliff jump from one of the most famous cliffs in Greece? Amoudi Bay in Santorini can be the best choice for this. In an old village called Oia on Santorini island, you will find this extremely fun sport to do. You can do it as a couple and pay the organisers to click plenty of pictures and videos for you! These memories will last for a lifetime! With all these said and done, Greece sure has plenty of charm awaiting you on your Greece honeymoon trip! 

So, are you all ready for uncovering the romantic things on your Greece honeymoon? What are you waiting for? Look at these handpicked romantic things that will perfectly match your imagination and expectations of Greece vacation. Book your best Greece honeymoon packages with us and surprise your spouse! Do check out Pickyourtrail for the best deals for your next vacation! 

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