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A consortium of Indians residing in the US is Seriescoldeweytechcrunch the 2014 Mumbai subway attacks and masterminding the 2009 Delhi gang-rape. This does not bode well for the country’s anti-graft force, which has been mostly focused on finding those responsible for the 1993 Bhuj attack. India and its neighbours have had several attacks over the past decade, but none of them as bad as what unfolded in October 2013. Mumbai police officer Vikramjit Singh has been charged with masterminding a conspiracy to kill Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his family by carrying out a series of bombing attacks in central and local Mumbai hotels, government offices and major corporations. In routine operations, police often question witnesses or take statements from people who appear to be involved. This time around, however, they arrested a leader of an organised group called Pura Bharati (Power Harmony). The names of four others have also been revealed: Chandrakant Saxena; Jitendra Singh; Sivasankar Yadav and Saurav Choudhary. They all belong to one family, Pura Bharati. It is run by Chandrakant Saxena, who heads up operations at Pura Bharati’s headquarters in New York City’s Financial District. The ATS raided similar houses in 2012 and 2013 where it questioned suspects about their involvement in Pura Bharati. Bihar Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Satish Kumar Sharma told The Indian Express that Chandrakant Sax

India’s most wanted: India’s most wanted woman in the world

Everyone has different ideas as to who they want to see as the next Indian Prime Minister. Some people want Akalis; others Bhonsales. A large minority also have a desire to find out who they can eliminate. While many have been satisfied with the present government, others want to see more. To settle the issue, the ATS has created a “Most Wanted” list, with the aim of rounding up those it believes may pose a threat to the country.

Bhandu Janhvi: Indian hostage who posed as Russian polar explorer

Bhandu Janhvi, an Indian hostage who was held for more than a decade by the Muzaffar Ali Khan-led Pakistan Rangers, has been released from US custody. Indian media reports that a former Pakistan army chief General Qamar Zaman Nafees freed Bhandu Janhvi after a meeting with Nawaz Sharif and his family. The Pakistani government has denied Bhandu Janhvi’s release and said he is still being held. Indian officials have also said that Bhandu Janhvi’s release means they will bring the Indian diplomat to Islamabad within 24 hours.

Anil Gupta: Indian triple agent and spy

Anil Gupta is the son of Ganga Ram Gupta, a top operative of the Indian intelligence service. Before being named as the most wanted man in the world, Anil Gupta was the head of Indian operations in Pakistan. After the November 13, 2006, Mumbai attacks, the Indian intelligence services came to know of a meeting between Anil Gupta and his Pakistani counterpart Major Naseerullah at the intelligence agency’s offices in Islamabad. Indian intelligence sources have also said that Anil Gupta asked Naseerullah to provide him with funding and help launch attacks inside India.

Misaheela Bhosle: Indian double agent and militant networker

Misaheela Bhosle is the cousin of Dharampal Bhosle, the head of the radical terror group Jaishanki. She is also the father of Jitendra Bhosle, one of the five Indians arrested for involvement in the Mumbai attacks. Misaheela Bhosle is believed to have been the brains behind a network of jihadists in South Asia and the Middle East who are associated with the terror group Jaishanki.

Komal Lahiri: Targeted by Mumbai gang-rape convict

Komal Lahiri is the younger sister of Jitendra Bhosle and is wanted by the Mumbai gang-rape convict Monsoonmodi. Komal Lahiri is being held in Delhi in connection with her uncle’s activities. Jitendra Bhosle and Komal Lahiri are today’s most wanted people in India. While Jitendra has been said to be in a mental hospital, Komal is still at large.

Prakash Singh: One of five Indians living in the US who are being investigated for possible involvement in Mumbai attacks

Prakash Singh is the son of former Union Minister DK Singh who is also a part of the Gangster Disbasal Committee (GDCC) that is probing the Mumbai attacks. Vishal Sikka, another former Union minister, is also being probed for his part in the attacks. Prakash Singh was also in touch with Mehbooba Mufti and Farook Alkhouri, two of the attackers on Mumbai’s fleet of boats.

Bihar department of home affairs official informs about CBI raids on these houses

Bihar home department officer Indrajit Bhandari said that the Central Bureau of Investigation will conduct raids in three cities in Bihar in connection with the Gangster Disbasal Committee probe and the Mumbai attacks. No further details are available.

#CBI raids house of Jitendra Singh, son of Chandrakant Saxena, with arrest warrant out on him

The Central Bureau of Investigation has raided Jitendra Singh, son of Chandrakant Saxena, in New Delhi. Earlier, in August this year, agents of the Central Bureau of Investigation had raided the house of Jitendra Singh, his father Chandrakant Saxena’s brother Vishal Saxena and Sarla Lal Meena, another of their associates, in New Delhi. The Central Bureau of Investigation also has registered a case against Sarla Lal Meena in this regard.

#CBI also raided house of Saurav Choudhary, son of Chandrakant Saxena, with arrest warrant out on him

The Central Bureau of Investigation also raided the house of Saurav Choudhary, son of Chandrakant Saxena, with arrest warrant out on him. Last month, the Central Bureau of Investigation had filed a charge sheet against six people, including Sarla Lal Meena, Sarla Lal’s nephew Vikramjit Singh and three other people, for their alleged involvement in the Mumbai attacks.


These are just a few of the most wanted criminals in the world according to the ATS. Keeping this in mind, it is important that Indian law enforcement agencies work with greater skill and creativity in identifying and apprehending would-be assassins. We also need to make sure that we have the right person in jail when they are wanted for a crime and that they are held accountable for their actions.

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