3 Luxury Watches to Give to Your Loved Ones As Gifts

Are you the type of person who never forgets to give gifts to your loved ones on special occasions, like birthdays and Christmas? If so, you probably bought all kinds of things from cash to apparel that you might no longer have an idea what to give them this year. Consider buying them beautiful watches from luxury brands if they are a racer, a pilot, a businessman, or just someone who loves Haute Horlogerie.

Timepieces are not just functional but can also serve as great accessories that the recipients can pair with different attires from minimalist dresses to casual t-shirt and pants. Identifying the suitable watch to give as a gift might be challenging, since there is a wide range of options with different movements, designs, and complications. So scroll down to know some of the best watches to give to any man or woman in your life.

1.  Omega De Ville 424.

A lot of retail stores feature several Omega watches, but the De Ville 424. is an ideal gift for men who are looking for a timekeeping tool that can accompany them on their everyday errands. You can’t deny that its design screams luxury and exceptional craftsmanship. Every year, the brand releases new De Ville models with upgraded features and better performance, and this watch is one of the latest.

The De Ville 424. is a very special luxury wristwatch featuring a silver dial, dauphine hands, and alternating Roman numeral and dot. At the 3 o’clock position, there is a date window that the recipient can look at whenever he wants to know the date of the month. It functions through the Caliber 2500, which the brand made entirely in-house. Enclosed in a stainless steel case, it ensures that it can’t easily get damaged. The leather band makes the watch look even more appealing. It comes with a price tag of $4,050.74 only.

2.  TAG Heuer Carrera WAR201E.BA0723

Another luxury watch for men is this TAG Heuer Carrera WAR201E.BA0723. The company combined the classic and modern design to manufacture its look, which a lot of millennials and generation Z would find attractive. It is part of the collection made to withstand extreme activities like motor racing and diving. Hence, it can be the best gift for people who love to go on adventures either on land or underwater.

This watch model features a sub-dial located just beside the 3 o’clock position, which tells the day of the week and the date of the month. It comes with a blue dial and stainless steel band. The manufacturer polished the hour and minute hands with luminescent to improve time legibility. For the case, it measures 41 mm in diameter and 13 mm in height. It has a 38-hour power reserve with a frequency of 28,800 VPH which is impressively accurate. Rest assured that it can still function well even if you submerge it in 100 m water. It retails at $2,216.54, which is relatively more affordable than the Omega De Ville.

3.  Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5067A-024

Patek Phillipe is a popular brand because of its finest timepieces. It has the same market position, reputation, and credibility as well-known Swiss brands, including Rolex, Omega, and IWC. The Aquanaut collection first became available for sale in 1997 and this 5067A-024 model still embodies its design but with a few modifications. In terms of appearance, it has a stainless steel and cushioned-shaped case with a diameter of 35.60 mm with a height of 7.70 mm. If you noticed, it has a smaller case size than the previous watch models because the company made it exclusively for women.

The white analog dial, stick hands, and Arabic numerals contribute to its timeless yet simple look. You can find the date window at the 3 o’clock position. It also offers impressive water resistance, making it a suitable watch to use when swimming, snorkeling, and diving. It comes with the caliber E23-250 S C with a diameter of 12 mm and 8 jewels to make it intricate. This watch is extremely expensive but will be worth it once you see the look on the receiver’s face when he opens the box. It costs $44,611.95.

In Conclusion

The three watch models mentioned above came from reputable brands in the watchmaking industry. By giving them to your friends, family members, and other loved ones, you can make them feel extra special because they know that they cost a huge sum of money. If you don’t know where to get them, consider buying from TheWatchCompany.com. Their shop offers all of them tax-free, so expect that their retail prices are much more affordable on the website compared to other stores.

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