3 Tips for Upgrading Your Home in 2021

If spending more time at home in 2020 got you thinking about ways to upgrade your space, you’re not alone. Most people find they need to periodically refresh their homes to fit their lifestyle changes. Keeping up with advancements in technology and stylistic preferences are additional reasons. Luckily, a home doesn’t always need major renovations to become more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Simple upgrades and DIY weekend projects can often do the trick, making your space more functional and appealing. From energy-efficient and smart appliances to a fresh coat of paint, the possibilities for upgrading your home are nearly limitless. If you’ve got your eye on giving your home a facelift in 2021, here are three tips that can help.

1. Take Advantage of New Technology

The technology behind home appliances and the internet keeps improving, making it easier to automate everyday household tasks. Many advantages come with smart home solutions, including no longer worrying about shutting off irrigation controllers or the lights. With smart devices and the latest Wi-Fi standards, your home’s appliances can adapt to your routines.

The temperature in different rooms will adjust according to when you use them, for example. A smart thermostat can learn when you leave and return. Tech protocols, such as “If this, then that” (IFTTT), can coordinate and program devices to talk to each other.

Let’s say your morning routine is to turn off the outside lights and start the coffee. IFTTT technology can take care of it for you. You can automate the lights to turn off, which will then trigger your smart coffeemaker to start brewing. An evening routine will switch on the lights, prompting the dishwasher to start and the TV to shut off.

Turning your space into a smart home might also increase its resale value. Most buyers want a home they don’t have to do a lot to right away. Older homes can sometimes turn potential owners off since they typically require more updates and work. Yet surveys reveal that 57% of buyers looking at dated properties consider them updated if they have smart technology. And if all other features in two candidate homes are equal, 54% of buyers will choose the smart one.

2. Try a Fresh Coat of Paint

If your home feels less than welcoming, it could be because the color doesn’t project feelings of warmth or calm. Giving your walls a new look with a fresh coat of paint can make a huge impact. For the interior, you can try shades of blue if you prefer to feel relaxed and at peace. Cream and beige hues are mainstays that can add a sense of comfort and appeal to most guests.

If you already like the colors you have, you might consider upgrading the type of paint. Formulas are now made for residents who suffer from asthma or homes that need to be allergy-free. Since these paint types release fewer volatile organic compounds or VOCs, they can improve indoor air quality. There are also stain-resistant formulas for homes with small children or accident-prone residents. In these scenarios, this type of paint can end up saving you money.

Other weekend paint projects include your kitchen cabinets, baseboard trims, banisters, and fireplace mantels. While some people still prefer the look of wood cabinets and trim, painting them white can brighten up your rooms. White cabinets and trims may give your home a more sophisticated look and blend better with your other colors. Painting cabinets rather than replacing them is a much simpler way to modernize your kitchen.

Although repainting the exterior of your home isn’t usually a DIY project, there are smaller pieces you can tackle. A porch railing or a deck, for example, can be stained or painted in a few days. This might be a good time to examine the condition of the wood and repair or replace it if needed. Once you’ve put on a new coat of wood stain or paint, others will be able to see the difference. Your neighbors will appreciate your level of care and attention to detail.

3. Repurpose a Room or Two

While some rooms are designed for a single purpose, bedrooms and living areas have the potential to become almost anything. Start by going through the rooms you have, then determine what types of spaces you need and how to effect the transformation. Maybe you want to turn the spare bedroom into a home gym or a library. Perhaps the outside patio could use a hot tub, a fire pit, and a pergola or an awning.

If you’re not looking to make drastic changes, there’s the possibility of rearranging furniture and making space for dual purposes. You might want to create a reading nook in a bedroom or home office. Another idea is to get rid of the TV in the bedroom and install an electric fireplace instead. Sometimes adding touches like cushioning to a large window ledge or installing shelving can add another purpose to existing space.

You could also transform a rec room into a home movie theater without breaking the bank. Use either built-in or store-bought entertainment centers and move your TV from the living or bedroom. Connect surround sound speakers to the TV or use the wiring that already exists in your home. You might also install dim wall lights or a light string on top of any molding to complete the look.

A room that gets a lot of natural light could become a makeshift sunroom. You may just need to tweak the window treatments and remove any bushes blocking the view. Consider adding some house plants and introducing lounge chairs where you can sit and enjoy the sun’s warmth. A “new” sunroom could help keep away the winter blues for those who live in colder climates. By visiting this site you can know about the most important things house painters Houston, TX


Thinking of all the ways you can improve your living space can make you want to call in professionals. That’s probably best for big renovations, but there are plenty of DIY upgrades you can do to spruce up your home. Switching out appliances with new tech, painting with fresh colors, and rearranging existing rooms can make an immediate impact.

Your home will look and feel different to you, guests, neighbors, and potential buyers down the road. More importantly, these manageable upgrades and tweaks will turn your living space into a place you enjoy being.

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