4 Good Reasons to Invest In Solana

Solana is a new cryptocurrency that rewards token holders with “SOL,” or payments for being part of the Solana ecosystem. SOL is used to power smart contracts on the Solana blockchain and reward users, developers, and operators for running the network.

This means that any time you use a dApp built on top of Solana’s blockchain—for example if you send someone SOL or use it to pay for something—you will receive a small amount of SOL as a reward. Being rewarded in this case means that you can sell your SOL (or hang onto it) and buy more things at any time.

Why and How to Buy Solana?

The main point here is that using any dApp built on Solana will get you rewards! This gives even more incentive to be part of our community and build incredible things with us. We have many more features planned to make Solana scalable, secure, and cost-effective, but today, I want to focus on the basics: what is SOL? Why should I invest in SOL? How to buy SOl and so on. Let’s start?

Solana Is Building a New, Fast, Secure Blockchain

The Solana team is building a new, fast, secure blockchain. The first question most people ask about Solana is why it was created. After all, blockchain technology for cryptocurrency has existed for several years now – so what’s the point of another one? It’s clear that something innovative must happen behind the scenes to prompt such a question.

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If you’re wondering if you should invest in Solana or if it’s any better than other blockchains out there, then this article will hopefully answer your questions and help you understand more about the project.

Solana aims to achieve very high transaction speeds while maintaining low transaction costs. This speed and cost combination is currently impossible with current blockchains like Bitcoin or Ethereum – these networks can only process around 5-7 transactions per second (tps), which would be fine if not because they get slower as they scale up with more users. 

This means they are very slow compared to traditional payment networks like VISA, which processes an average of 2,000 tps and can handle peaks of 56k tps!

Solana wants to compete against VISA by solving this scalability problem on the blockchain by developing a new Proof-of-History consensus algorithm that allows for up to 65k tps with instant finality (a timestamp). This means blocks are being added at a rate much faster than Bitcoin (for example) but without sacrificing security due to its unique approach to PoW consensus.

Solana Is Already Much Faster Than Bitcoin and Ethereum

Solana’s mission is to scale the blockchains that need scaling. Solana can scale 50k transactions per second and does not require layer 2 solutions (i.e., Lightning Network) that add additional steps to verifying a transaction.

Solana is designed as a base layer blockchain, meaning it has all of the infrastructure needed to operate and will act in place of your existing blockchain stack. This means no ICO, no miners, no staking—just a simple, fast protocol you can use right away.

  • Solana already processes more transactions per second than Bitcoin or Ethereum.
  • Solana’s technology is not just theoretical; it’s already being used (Ethereum uses some of our code)
  • Solana was designed by experts in computer science and distributed systems which have worked with the largest tech firms in Silicon Valley for years.

Solana Has a Growing Ecosystem of Apps and Partners

Since its alpha release in late October, the crypto community has been anxiously awaiting the public beta of Serum. This new decentralized exchange gives control of trading back to users. While other decentralized exchanges (DEXs) have relied on order books hosted on the blockchain, Serum utilizes a central limit order book (CLOB), which lets you submit orders that others can match against. This is a big step forward for DEXs, and it’s the first time it’s happened.

Furthermore, Solana is working with several exciting partners looking to implement CLOBs into their platforms:

  • Lightning Labs will utilize CLOBs for their cross-chain transfers implementation
  • Eligma and Bitcoin Green will use CLOBs to enable support for smart contracts
  • Zen Protocol will use CLOBs in their upcoming integration

You Can Earn Interest on the SOL You Hold

Investing in cryptocurrency can be intimidating, especially if you’re just starting to look into the space. New terms like Proof of Work (PoW), Node, and Staking are thrown around before you’ve even learned all the different coins.

All that jargon aside, cryptocurrency is still an exciting opportunity for anyone who wants to make money from their investment. SupposeSuppose you’re thinking about investing in something other than a traditional index fund or stock portfolio. In that case. In that case, cryptocurrency may be worth looking into—and Solana is making it easier to do so.


Solana has the potential to be a significant player in the world of blockchain. To put it bluntly, Solana is fast, and its speed is being made even faster with each iteration. With their latest testnet launch coming soon, you can expect to see significant improvements in transaction time—and given that speed is what Solana is all about, that’s exactly what they’ll deliver.

That’s exciting news for blockchain developers and investors alike: the more developers there are working on new apps and the more investors who buy into cryptocurrency as a long-term investment strategy, the closer we are to those giant leaps forward in technology like HD video streaming at 8K resolution and beyond.

The Solana Foundation has lofty goals, but they’re deadly serious about bringing them to fruition because they know how blockchain can change our daily lives. And changing lives—or at least making them easier—is what Solana is all about. That’s why it’s so exciting; it makes life simpler for both users and app developers alike by allowing them to process transactions more quickly. 

Even better? The team behind Solana believes in a decentralized future where power doesn’t rest in the hands of just one or two companies: instead, their goal is to create a fully autonomous system that rewards individual users for getting involved by staking SOL tokens on the network to secure its safety. Click here blogradiovn.com to get top news all over the world and you can also check out this site rdxnet.biz for getting more info. 

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