4 Popular Scrum Master Certifications to Boost Your Career

Do you eventually plan to become a scrum master of a big multinational company? If the answer is yes, chances are that you need to qualify for the certifications. Sometimes, going blindsided into the process is going to bring you nothing but sheer disappointment and that is where you need to make a breakthrough. While you might know scrum master as an umbrella term, there are different types of scrum masters in a company, all of which require individual certifications.

Zeolearn is one of the leading e-learning platforms offering the best in the market PSM course that enables you to snag at least one CSM Course in Dubai that are globally accredited. However, with so many different types of certifications available, we want you to familiarize yourself with the best choice of your liking and then make the final decision.

Here, we will be sharing some of the best types of scrum master certifications that are worth looking into.

Certified Scrum Master

The first certification is also known as CSM. This one is ideal for the candidates who are complete novices and want to kick-start their career as scrum masters. The certification enables you to grasp the concepts of the foundation of the Scrum framework along with team management, accountability, and the history that is associated with scrum development. You need to acquire an initial training course before you can give the Scrum Alliance exam for the certification.

Advanced Certified Scrum Master

As the name suggests, A-CSM is for the candidates who have ventured into the career of scrum development and want to further it into their career. This certification enables you to build an alliance between product owners, scrum team members, the customers, superiors, and even the stakeholders of the company. The certification does generally cost you more than standard CSM, so make sure you do your research right.

Professional Scrum Master™

This certification is open to all the scrum masters who further want to validate their knowledge surrounding the scrum framework and the associated. Although the certification doesn’t necessarily require any number of formal pre-requisites, you need to be mindful of a few associated things, including the scrum rules and the working scrum methods. The certification is further followed by the Professional Scrum Master II and III.

Certified Scrum Professional Scrum Master

Also abbreviated as CSP-SM, it is one of the leading forms of certifications that connect with agile framework and development in the organization. The candidates who want to acquire this certification need to have the A-CSM certifications from validated scrum knowledge. If you are validating this certification, make sure you check out all the pre-requisites involved.


Although not a requirement for you to have all these scrum master certifications, it is always best that you know and familiarize yourself with the basic courses and certifications in case you plan to upscale your knowledge in the future. Just ensure that you keep a check on acquiring the courses involved before you think about getting the certification.

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