4 Things You Need To Know Dog Boarding Services

Many people worry about their pets while planning a vacation. Certain services take care of the dog when the owner is away. Dog boarding is a service where pet dogs are taken care of when the owners go on vacation or are unavailable for some time. One has to look for good kennels which are comfortable and reliable for both the dog and the owner. The professionals in the kennel are responsible for taking care of the dog for the specified time.

Types of dog boarding facilities

Kennels– They are the most common type of boarding facility for pet dogs. Professionals in kennels are responsible for feeding, walking, and bathing the dogs registered with them. They are also responsible for creating a hygienic environment for the dogs. The dogs can play with others and have indoor and outdoor access. They are also taken for walks at nearby places.

Dog hotels– The services provided by dog hotels are much more luxurious and comfortable compared to kennels. They charge higher fees but are worth it. In addition to the services provided by the kennels, they offer massages, medical treatments in case the dog is sick, a swimming pool, play areas, and even television! Pet dogs left here feel just like home as the environment is similar. The staff of pet hotel gives daily updates about the dog to the owners. The owners can also check on their dogs as the rooms have cameras.

Pet sitters– Yes, pet sitters are a thing. The duties of a pet sitter are similar to a babysitter. Usually, pet sitters are only hired for a day or two, where they are required to take care of the dog in the owner’s house. They can be hired professionals or someone that the owner knows. The dog might be more comfortable if it’s a known person. Most people give their pets to a friend or neighbour to look after them when the owners are busy for a day or two.

Travel made easy

Most people with dogs do not prefer to travel as it becomes challenging to travel with pets. Many places are not pet-friendly. Many working professionals and frequent travellers do not wish to have a pet because of these reasons. With the introduction of the concept of dog boarding, people are comfortable with leaving their pets in boarding places and travelling by themselves.

Choose the right place for dogs.

However, one should be careful in choosing the place where the dogs are going to be left. The boarding centres have to be trusted and reliable. It is always better if one leaves their dogs in a known or recommended place. Both the owner and the dog have to be comfortable with the area. Many people try out dog kennels before long travels. They leave their dog for a day and test out places before committing to one.

Things to keep in mind

  • Always check if the boarding centre is a certified professional organiser.
  • Evaluate the possible alternatives.
  • Enquire about the immunisation requirements of the boarding house. Many centres require the dogs being taken care of to be vaccinated against rabies, influenza, flea diseases, etc.
  • The extent of services being offered.
  • The fee that is being charged.
  • If medical and emergency services are offered in the case, the dog gets sick.
  • Responsibilities of the boarding centre in case the dog gets sick.

One should always evaluate the cost of the services being offered. The quality of services should not be compromised, as dogs get homesick when left in one place for a long time. The boarding centre offering good quality services like walking the dogs, recreation, and wellness have to be chosen.

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