5 Reasons Why You Need a Sand-Free Towel on a Sea Trip

After spending long quarantine days, you might be yearning for a vacation to the beach where you can enjoy the mesmerising breeze, beauty of the sea and serenity of the environment. Spring is the best time for hitting the beach. If you plan for a beach trip, you should start packing in advance as you will need to pick all the essential stuff. When it comes to a beach vacation, one of the vital tools is a sand-free towel.

Experienced travellers who come back to see again and again always carry a tea towel. While you are carrying this towel, you don’t have to carry other towels in fear of sand. It is handy for people having kids. Sand-free or beach towels do not let sand stick to them. Therefore, you would easily clean the sands off your kids using this towel.

Here are some reasons you need a beach towel for your next sea vacation:

1. Keeps your belongings sand-free

You can’t escape sand while on a beach trip. You can find sand everywhere, especially on the bottom of your bag. During a beach vacation, visiting the beach happens frequently. The beach may come on your way to a restaurant or market. Moreover, beach nights are alluring for various exciting activities. It implies that you have other options than carrying towels, and it would make your bag heavier. But if you carry a beach towel, only a single towel would be enough to keep your belongings sand-free.

These days, beach towels are made smoother, unlike the old-fashioned towel loops. Fabrics of modern sand towels brush the sand away effectively.

2. Help get rid of sandy feet.

Whenever you come back to the beach, you will find your feet sandy. Just imagine, you need to head towards the airport straight from the beach. It means that you would be putting your sandy feet into shoes and socks. Spending long hours with sandy feet is no doubt extremely irritating. By carrying a sand-free towel, you can quickly resolve this tension. All you need is to rub your feet after washing them. It would drive away the sand from your feet in no time.

3. It can be carried without any hassle.

Most sand-free towels are lighter than ordinary towels. Moreover, they do not take much space in a bag. Hence, you can easily stuff your bag with this towel and carry it without any hassle. A single towel will be enough to help your family get rid of sand. Also, you can carry it to the beach. If you want to go for lunch/dinner or sightseeing directly from the beach, it is obvious that you won’t go with sandy feet. Therefore, when you are done with the beach, you can clean your feet with a beach towel before heading towards your next destination.

4. Known for its versatility

As it does not trap sand, it is always ready for subsequent use immediately after being used. This versatile towel can help you in different situations like feeling cold on the plane, requiring a picnic rug, or getting relief from the colder air conditioning in a movie hall. In each of these situations, you can use a sand-free towel for relief.

5. It can be dried easily

While other towels take hours to be dried, beach towels get dried quickly. As it is made lighter than the bathing towels, you don’t need to wait hours to dry it.

Do you have a sea vacation next on your bucket list? Then you must buy a beach towel to make your vacation hassle-free.

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