5 Small Yet Important Details You Must Have in Your Kitchen Island Design

If you have a kitchen island design, there are plenty of benefits. It gives more storage, a countertop, improved circulation, a place to sit, etc. The advantage of kitchen islands is numerous, but kitchen island design is not easy. There are so many considerations that come into play while designing the kitchen island design. Let us look at the top five essential details you need to know about kitchen island design.

Seating is essential

There are hundreds of considerations while designing the kitchen islands, but in most of them, seating will be the top priority. The seating should be there in every kitchen island design. It becomes the gathering point for family and guests. If you are remodelling or designing the kitchen islands, giving a space for a gathering point can be a great idea. But knowing the pros and cons is essential before finalizing the design. If you use the kitchen island for having a quick snack, tea, or breakfast, you can keep all the seats facing the same direction. However, if you want to spend some family time over there, you might want to arrange seats that allow people to sit facing each other. You need to keep at least 24 inches of space between the seats to give comfort.

Keep storage space

In the kitchen, having extra storage space is always a welcoming point. While designing, keep cabinets, shelves, and drawers in the base. If you want to keep the kitchen island permanent, consider keeping a pot rack to utilize the available space above. Another important thing people forget is that you can use both sides to store items. If you move the stools away, you can design multiple cabinets on the back side of the kitchen island. You must close the cabinet doors and rearrange the seats whenever you want to sit.

Space to keep the micro-oven

Keeping the storage space to place, mico Owen allows people to heat beverages and food without getting near the stoves and creating space issues while another person is cooking. This is essential for small kitchens. This feature is loved by almost 90% of house owners.

Secondary fridge

Keeping a secondary fridge on the kitchen island is the best option to keep people away from the main cooking area. It allows people to grab their beverages without causing congestion inside the cooking area. The best spot to keep the secondary fridge is at the end of the kitchen island, where you often do not go. If you are arranging parties, you can use the countertop as a drink-making place and serve the drinks for your guests.

Best quality counterpart material

In kitchen island design, the importance of high-quality counterpart material is essential. Once you install the kitchen island, it automatically becomes the place for the main prep area, homework center, gathering point, etc. Hence, you need to ensure the material is made of the best quality material to use for extended periods. The materials must be heat, stain, and water resistant to give a longer life span.

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