5 Things to Include in your Candidate Selection Checklist for Impactful Hiring

Even with technology revolutionizing work processes globally, the need for highly skilled and dedicated human capital is only growing by the second. Choosing the right candidate doesn’t always mean selecting the one with the maximum skills on their CVs. If you end up selecting someone who doesn’t fit your company’s overall work culture, you will eventually have to incur more losses than you want.

Creative staffing agencies make the job look so easy because they follow the following checklist to nail down the perfect match every single time. Read on to find out what these five tips and tricks agencies vouch for when recruiting.

Things to Check Before Finalizing Prospective Employees

Study their Body Language Carefully

Even if you are conducting a virtual interview, make sure you pay extra attention to their gestures, eye or arm movements, if they are making eye contact or not, etc. Studying body language is the best way to assess how they feel and if they are excited about the opportunity.

Look for Experiences Instead of Certificates

While it is important to check for certifications and academic knowledge, don’t stop at that. Try to find out about their past experiences (bad or good) and how much they learnt from them. This helps weed out candidates who tend to exaggerate on their resumes but don’t know how to apply concepts in practical scenarios.

Pay Attention to their Ethics and Values

For any organization to be truly successful, all the team members must have a similarity in their work ethics, attitude, and overall goals. When everyone is on the same page, work becomes streamlined and smooth. Find out how a candidate responds to workload, flexible hours, taking criticism, etc., to check if they fit the employer’s existing work culture.

See if they are Open to Upskilling

Anyone who stops learning is never a good prospect for future growth. In today’s rapidly changing tech and job markets, even the most skilled professional must be willing to reskill and upskill continually. So, include this point in your selection checklist without fail. Look for independent and innovative thinkers and not just hardworking bees.

Find Out About their Passion

If you truly want to find out about a person, ask them what they do when no one’s watching. To make a candidate comfortable, bring up non-work-related topics and find out their hobbies and passions. If they say ‘Google’, give them a quick task to see how proficient they are in searching for relevant information. This will help you understand if they fit into the bigger scheme of the office or not.

Summing Up

Recruitment is so much more than filling vacant positions with warm bodies. Having the right set of people work collectively towards a common goal (in sync with the company’s goals) is a recipe for 100% success. Here’s hoping these tips and tricks will help you find the perfect match for your company the next time you set to hire.

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