6 Types Of Lawnmowers One Should Know Before Buying One

Many gardeners fantasise about having a beautiful, leafy green lawn. And you’ll need a decent lawnmower for that. The grass is the most significant part of the garden. As a result, having a good lawnmower that fits your grass and garden size is essential. However, buying a lawnmower may be a daunting task. There are several varieties, and the language might be confusing. Often, the models get more expensive, but the new features are difficult to spot.

Briggs and Stratton have been making engines for a long time and offer various designs and sizes. Engines are an essential part of your lawnmower, which must be repaired timely. You can also find multiple other Briggs and Stratton parts online, but first, consider the many characteristics of mowers to choose which type is ideal for varied garden sizes, designs, and power requirements.

Electric Lawnmowers

The majority of lawn mowers are powered by electricity from the power grid. For small and medium-sized gardens, this is the ideal option. The mowers are smaller, less expensive to purchase, and easier to store. Before you buy, be sure the cable will allow you to mow to the end of your garden.

Cordless Lawnmowers

A hassle-free garden mower is a cordless battery-powered lawnmower. These mowers offer all of the advantages of an electric mower without the need for a cord. However, due to the battery, they might be more expensive than mains electric versions. Modern lithium-ion batteries are lighter and last considerably longer than nickel-cadmium batteries, but they are also more costly.

Petrol Lawnmowers

For extensive grounds where a mains cable would be inconvenient, petrol-powered lawn mowers are the best option. They’re a little more costly, but they’re a lot more powerful and speedier when it comes to cutting. They’re also a lot simpler to maneuver around big things. Keep in mind, though, that petrol lawnmowers, like vehicle engines, will require service, and you will need to check and top-up the oil.

Push Lawn Mowers

Small cylinder lawnmowers that you push along with your physical force. They’re ideal for tiny gardens because they don’t require energy and create no noise or pollutants. On the other hand, Push lawn mowers are unsuitable for more prominent or sloping gardens or those who have trouble pushing.


Self-propelled lawn mowers are available in both electric and gasoline models. It means you don’t have to force them; point them in the correct direction! It makes mowing a lot simpler, especially with extensive lawns and oversized equipment. Some versions have changeable speeds, allowing you to choose a suitable walking pace.

Robot Lawn Mowers

These days, robot lawn mowers are becoming increasingly prevalent. The technology is continually improving, and they can now detect barriers and lawn margins. If you despise mowing the grass, a robotic lawnmower is for you. There is considerable setup required since a perimeter wire has to be installed. Then let the mower do its job. After mowing, some versions can self-park into a charging station.

Now that you have the greatest lawnmower, you must also perfect your mowing technique. A great-looking lawn needs a consistent mowing schedule that promotes grasses to produce beautiful leaves. The most common error individuals make while cutting their grass is cutting it too short. After mowing, permanently remove leaves and grass cuttings, and fertilise the lawn with a specific lawn fertiliser in the spring and fall. Always buy authentic Briggs and Stratton parts online and make sure you get the appropriate one. As a result, your mower will endure a long time and perform flawlessly.

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