7 Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Your Kids

No matter how old your child is, celebrating his birthday party helps him perceive the passage of time, generate social bonds with other children, strengthen family bonds and, above all, reinforce his self-esteem. 

Well, there are many options, but here I am going to show you the funniest ones so that you can adapt them to the age of the children, their interests, or your budget:

Many, but the ones they like the most are:

Tik-Tok dance parties 

It all starts when the birthday boy chooses the song and choreography that he likes the most, then learns it and dances to it all together at the party. Another option is to send the choreography a few days before the birthday, so that each guest knows it and practices it before the party and then have a dance competition. Tik-Tok parties are very fashionable among teens so if you choose this option you will surely succeed!

Escape Room 

This alternative is great for kids ages 9 and up. It requires prior preparation on your part as you will have to choose a story, prepare proofs and send them to the guests by email or post. You can count on the collaboration of the parents of the guests and hide clues in each house so that the children find them during the party. In addition, with the virtual backgrounds that I was talking about above, you can create the setting of the story and share a presentation on the screen that will guide you in solving the mystery. The options are endless. However, all your work will be rewarded because children are enthusiastic about riddles and these types of birthdays are a success.

Watching Movies 

You can implement this original idea to spend a fun and different night. If you want values to be transmitted to children through movies, you have to choose the best cinema for kids. To make it more fun and authentic, you can hire private cinema to watch movies with your kids. Your children will love this idea!


If the children are smaller and calmer, I recommend organizing it. To start, choose a story adapted to their age. To create a suitable environment you can dress up, choose a real or virtual background or special lights (you can also use candles or a flashlight to create mystery). Try rehearsing the story using different voices. And remember that the most important thing is that the children interact with each other (so they don’t get bored), so don’t forget to ask them questions, encourage them to sing, or select a character from the story for each of them. 

Question and answer contest 

So that all the children participate and collaborate with each other, you can divide them into groups or pairs. And if you are looking for excitement and motivation, the questions you choose should be current and appropriate to their age and tastes.

Shine with your skill 

Whether it’s singing, doing magic, cooking, playing an instrument, taking care of plants, or doing yoga, if you have a hobby that you like, you can use it to create a super original birthday with your child. 

Multi activity 

If you don’t know what to choose, this may be your option. Mix a little of all the proposals that we have given you and organize a birthday with various activities. You can start by telling a story, then make a craft or a kitchen recipe, or a simple dance if they are little. The important thing is to have a wide variety of resources prepared, to use them according to the mood and age of the children.

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