7 Major Pros And Cons Of PC Gaming In 2022: By A Pro-Gamer


There was a time when computer gamers were content with their low-performing computers, game freezing to death, and poor graphics for the sake of their hobby.

Perhaps, that was the reason why in the early 21st century, games were created with minimal system requirements.

However, things have changed now. In the last decade, the gaming industry has changed quite a lot.

Today, games are more realistic.

For the games to be realistic, gamers need to have high-performing computers with all the best specs to boot.

It is still a misconception among people that they believe an ordinary computer can replace a gaming computer. Well, it certainly can. But it depends on the situation.

After all, one shouldn’t forget that gaming computers are different from normal computers in many ways.

For instance:

  • Advance CPU for high-speed gaming computations.
  • Graphics card for better visual output.
  • High Ram for running larger games.
  • Cooling system.
  • And accessories for convenience.

For gamers who are thinking of shifting their gaming experience to PC gaming. Do so after reading the Pros and Cons of PC gaming.

Pros And Cons Of PC Gamings

PC gaming fills you with an amazing experience. It is full of excitement, discoveries and has a lot of potentials. But that doesn’t mean it is perfect. It does come with its set of problems.


1. Cheaper Games

PC gaming is blessed with affordable games because of the sheer number of PC gamers. As a result, PC games are cheaper compared to other gaming platforms. In fact, you can even download PC games for free directly from https://thenewpiratebay.org/.

Because the PC audience is higher in number, game producers can manage to keep the price of the games under a certain level where everyone can have access to it.

2. Optimum Speed

Waiting for your games and character to load can be aggravating, especially when you are in the game playing with your buddies. If this is something that constantly happens with you, it is better you switch to PC games.

The modern PCs are powerful beasts with at least 60fps. The high frame rate enhances your gaming experience, and yes, now you don’t have to wait long for your game to load.

3. More Flexibility

PC games bring flexibility.

On one side of the coin, where the console games are restricted by the default setting of the games, PC games allow their user to tweak with settings and set the game according to their needs.

In addition, you are free to design or constrict your PC with more RAM, GPU, CPU, and monitor in the way you choose.

4. Fewer Hidden Cost

This is one thing we like the most about PC games – There are hardly any hidden costs. Furthermore, as PC games offer an open playing environment, there are fewer constraints.

In fact, you can save money by using a cloud server to save game data instead of buying storage devices for it.

5. Better Peripherals Options

Gamers’ PC is one of the most customizable machines. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all in PC games. Everyone has different needs and system requirements.

Guess what you can do with your gaming PC!


6. Price

Getting a gaming PC is a great way to get your gaming switched on. However, there is one major disadvantage – The Price Tag!

Gaming PCs cost quite a lot, especially for the top-end hardware integrated PCs.

7. Complexity

PC can be a daunting experience for beginners. After all, there are just too many components to deal with. It is really hard knowing where to start.

Graphics card? Motherboard? Processors? Keyboard? The list just goes on…!


A PC for games is a great way to get more than what you have expected. While other gaming options are expensive and rigid in their approach, PCs are cost-effective and flexible with the approach.

– Yes, there are a few downsides.

– But hey, everything has a few things that you need to put on.

If you see PC gaming as a whole, you’re getting a complete package with revamped gaming experiences.

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