A Beginners Guide on Car Modifications 

Manual tuning of vehicles and engines was a practice that was prevalent in Australia ever since the advent of automobiles. Thousands of articles and blogs online can give a car owner some basic ideas and tips on what to do and vice versa. But the problem with these blogs is that they are written from the perspective of the mod enthusiasts, and their views on car modding may not always be right. So, the first thing aspiring car modders need to understand is that buying quality products from the right manufacturers like Prosport needs to be a priority. This is essential since products with poor build and lack of durability can do more harm to the vehicle’s performance even if they come cheap.

There are, however, certain modifications that are outlawed by the government, so make sure that any tuning or alteration done to the engine is in compliance with the law. Meanwhile, the practice as a whole isn’t looked down upon, and some areas even encourage modification practices within a set of standards to change or improve engine performance.

Things to Consider When Planning to Mod a Car

1. The Total Budget

Modifications don’t come cheap so having substantial cash for extra parts is essential. But that doesn’t mean one should go for the cheapest parts available and sacrifice quality for some bucks. As mentioned before, good quality parts and accessories come at a price, but they’re way better than those that come cheap while being detrimental to engine performance or efficiency.

2. Start With the Basics

Modifying or tuning the engine is complex work and may require years of experience under the bonnet before attempting to go for it. For beginners, starting with something basic like the lights, injector nozzle, or air intake will be a good idea. Also, do understand that these modifications affect the engine performance and, if not done well, may lead to issues that can be harmful to the engine and the driver. So, when in doubt, hire a professional to get a routine check to ensure everything is in tiptop conditions.

3. Warranty Policies for Parts and Engines

Certain warranty policies for engines may get nullified if the tuning work is attempted by someone who is not a professional. Many genuine parts available from reliable manufactures like ProSport come with their warranty policies that can cover up any minor damages. But, just to be on the safe side, make sure to read up and understand the policies regarding engine modification and car tuning before attempting to go through with it.

Car Modifications: Where to Start?

The Exhausts: One of the cheapest mods out there, modifications for the exhaust systems are the most common mods done in the country. People can either change the tail line or just do away with the whole exhaust system and install a different one.

Wheels: If one wants to drastically change the vehicle’s appearance but doesn’t want to go too deep, wheel modifications are the best thing. You can start by exploring different alloys and hubs and mix and match different designs and colours. But, make sure that whatever the wheel modifications are, it goes well with the purpose of use.

The Stance: Although the regulations for changing the car’s stance might be tight in certain areas, some modifications are allowed. For instance, owners can change the width of the wheels and the size and even change the parameters for camber or offset.

Bumpers, Bonnets and Grills: Another way to drastically change the visual appearance of vehicles is to change the grills, bonnets, bumper or fenders. Attaching spoilers at the back, changing the grill design, adding air dams and scoops are all part of these changes and are completely fine as long as they don’t alter the performance while driving.

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