A/C Maintenance Tasks: When to Do It Yourself and When to Call the Pros?

Summer is in full swing, and with it comes more discomforting heat. You may have the thermostat set to a comfortable level but just sitting near another window makes you feel like ants are crawling on your skin. Or maybe it’s not hot outside, but there’s no ventilation or circulation in your home—your unit might be broken. 

Whatever the case may be, don’t panic! You can either fix them yourself or call the pros for A/C maintenance service in Tulsa, OK.

Keep reading below.

Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself

There are some tasks you can do around the house to make things easier for yourself. Here are some suggestions on what you can accomplish without calling for A/C maintenance service in Tulsa, OK.

Change Air Filter

Your air conditioner does exactly what its name implies: it conditions the air in your home, so you stay cool during summer. But if you don’t change the filter, your system won’t do its job correctly. You might even get sick from breathing in dirty air while riding out an A/C malfunction! Plus, you might face high cooling bills due to added strain. Avoid all that by changing the filters once every three months or whenever needed. 

Clean Vents

The vents and registers can be clogged by debris over time. Any obstruction can impact how your home is cooled down. A quick vacuum on vents can go a long way toward improving airflow and increasing clean air circulation, which means that cool air will work better and travel more efficiently through your home. 

But if you experience airflow issues that can’t be solved merely by vent cleaning, then schedule your A/C maintenance service in Tulsa, OK

Replace Air Conditioner Drain Pans

The condensate drain pan under your A/C unit only collects water when it needs to. If the pan is dirty, it will overflow and cause damage. Cleaning the drain pan is a no-brainer. Clear out leaves and debris from your A/C’s drainage system with a simple tool like a suction-cup plunger. Just make sure you do it regularly. 

Clear Out Obstructions 

Your outdoor component needs enough space to work in optimal performance. However, vegetation, tree branches, outdoor furniture, and other items can impede your outdoor unit from functioning correctly. You can conduct regular check-ups and make sure nothing blocks your system. Have at least a three-foot clearance around it. 

Maintenance Tasks You Should Leave to the Experts

Professional A/C maintenance service in Tulsa, OK will be required, no matter what type of system you use at home. These are a few of the maintenance services your air conditioner might need from the experts:

  • Inspect insulation on refrigerant lines
  • Recharge refrigerant and repair any leak
  • Check battery in your carbon monoxide detector and thermostat
  • Lubricate moving parts 
  • Clean the outdoor component’s interior parts 
  • Level the A/C
  • Inspect and clean the ductwork
  • Inspect the vital parts and ensure they work in proper order
  • And more.

Your System Deserves Care! Get Your A/C Maintenance Today! 

Have these home maintenance tasks on your summer to-do list! With just a little elbow grease, you’ll be breathing easy in no time. But don’t stop there, as these are just a few upkeeps needed by your system. You might also need to make sure your system can last until the end of this year’s summer. If it’s old enough or causing a dramatic increase in your home utility bills, then it’s best to replace it.

For complex problems, you might need a professional A/C maintenance service in Tulsa, OK. You can count on All Comfort Specialist for the best maintenance service. Call them at 847-908-5363 to set an appointment. 

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