A white house in green garden

The home is a safe space where everyone hopes to find peace and relaxation. especially for people who work hard A home รับสร้างบ้านสระบุรี that creates an atmosphere of relaxation, with a comfortable interior, a green garden to sit and breathe in, will help heal and recharge your batteries for the next day’s battle. This house is the same. The owner is a medical worker who often has to work at night and rest during the day. When the original building did not answer this question, a new addition was planned. Driven by the intention of connecting family with outdoor activities. and add a private sitting area without disturbing the neighborhood

Terrace House 1 is a 2-storey rear extension from the existing house. It was expected that the new zone would look modern, compact, and blend in with the existing local buildings. and the need for a view out into the green area from every room So the architect designed a courtyard that was slanted like a blade. Make it private out of the eyes of outsiders In the upper floor of the house will move into the depth from the ground floor wall. Then remove some space, become open to the sky. Increases the chances of seeing the garden below.

In response to the roofing and wall covering with the abundance of corrugated sheets nearby. The extension is then covered with corrugated Mini Orb cladding to look harmonious. The plywood interior creates a warm and inviting interior to offset the harsher exterior. Along with connecting with the tone of the original building material.

One side of the garden is enclosed in perforated sheet metal, designed to allow natural spaces to receive light and wind, as a way to manage the indoor temperature on the ground floor and hide the line of sight between the first floor and the neighbor’s courtyard. This makes it private without disturbing the overall view of the community and living with the neighboring house.

A simple built-in bench in a private garden corner for homeowners. It’s a great place for a coffee or beer before or after work.

The interior plan on the ground floor consists of a new kitchen area. sitting area and dining area which are arranged diagonally on the site and separated by a corner of a partially enclosed courtyard and kitchen. The diagonal arrangement provides a larger area than the lateral placement throughout the site. and also create different zones At the same time maintaining a sense of openness and connection when hosting large family gatherings. The depth of the building moved in with the glass wall. This allows every side of the room to take in the greenery of the strategically placed backyard and courtyard. It’s like pulling a courtyard deep into a part of the house.

The bathroom is simply decorated with small square tiles in neutral colors, emphasizing white and gray concrete as seen outside the house. Cut with wood color to add natural warmth. The most eye-catching point is the light channel. held at a low level You can see the garden floor arranged outside. Increase intimacy with nature while bathing, but not look naked.

for opening the vision to the garden It’s another way to connect both in terms of space and sight. If you want to connect, just let your eyes look through to see the garden, you may choose to wall glass. Glass walls hit a 90-degree angle that can see the garden on both sides, but if you want to connect the area to be able to use continuously between the house and the garden sliding door installation Folding doors that can be stored all the way to the side. Swivel doors that open up the walls of the house more inviting to go out into the garden. And it also expands the interior space to the outside, making the house look wider.

Not much garden area arranged to be the same as the house

when the limitation become the highlight of the house Must give credit to architects and designers. including homeowners who dare to open up new perspectives Add ideas until the narrow land that exists Build a two-storey house that is not only beautiful and comfortable. but still comfortable also enjoy What are the creative ideas or ideas that make this house so livable? Gradually follow along in this article.

On the land with a width of about 8 meters, but a depth of 30 meters, originally causing some concern to the homeowners. because he was afraid that the narrowness of the land would block the light and the wind, making the inside of the house dark which is not good for physical health the mental health of the residents

The obstacles were eliminated when the architects thoughtful design ideas. coupled with the rhythm in the house to be smooth with both the light Both the weather was excellent. Starting from the front area, a large courtyard is reserved for outdoor parking. But that’s not the only purpose. because of the shortening of the house, nudged it into the inside a bit This will make the front yard become a source of energy or natural currents better than building a house next to the road.

And although most of the front wall is quite opaque. to give a feeling of privacy In the part of the door, a wooden slat was selected. gap between spokes It’s a good way to get the light and the wind to blow through the house. By choosing a light brown wood that is wheeled together with the wood used to decorate the walls. Control the theme to make the mood of the two-storey house look more warm.

As soon as he passed through the wooden slatted door will not immediately find the internal space Architects spaced out the garden. Drilled holes in the roof in some parts. Let the sun shine down below In addition, there is a sliding wooden slatted door separating another floor between the corridors. The garden is therefore more proportional. It is also easy to care for.

Wood is still the main element used in home interiors, from floors, ceilings, doors, windows and furniture. Make the white plaster wall not look too drab. and also feel the simplicity Soft and gentle all the time

garden area next to the house The same principle applies to the garden you encountered for the first time. solid outer wall Drill a hole in the light a little. Then divide a small area for landscaping. Connected to the living area in the dining room When eating, it is like sitting in a private garden.

Designed to have a small Double Volume in the dining area. The airy ceiling hall makes a great replacement for the narrow horizontal. As family members gathered together in this area, there was still a sense of relief.

Full of serenity awaits at the back of the house. Living room or multipurpose room that focuses on simple decoration. There is hardly any furniture to decorate it. The purpose is to provide flexibility as appropriate at the moment.

The thick walls in this area are connected from the outer wall in the dining room itself. Just solid construction, not making holes in the light. Because there is a large light from the back of the house already. The architect designed the door as a sliding corner. hidden in the wall every time it opens Therefore, it is like a semi-outdoor and half-inside area where you can fully experience the freshness of nature.

Corner sliding door Expanding the view from the inside to the outside garden

Although the outside and the interior are the same area. But it is still necessary to choose materials that are suitable for internal – external use as before, such as floor coverings on the balcony. Must choose materials that are resistant to moisture, sunlight, as well as have anti-slip properties. to prevent accidents from slipping and falling which may choose the color to match the interior material Want to make the two areas look more unified?

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