The aircon is an important part of any home, office or building. It provides the cool air that we need to survive in this hot climate. But if it breaks down, you can get really frustrated with the heat and humidity. That’s where Socool Aircon Servicing Singapore comes in! We are specialists in all kinds of air conditioning services for homes, offices and buildings alike. Whether you’re looking for a new unit installed or just some general maintenance on your existing system – call us today!

Are you wondering why your aircon is not cooling as well as it used to? It could be your unit isn’t working at full capacity. When your air-conditioning system works harder than usual, this means that there’s a problem somewhere which needs repair. As an AC service company, there are many reasons we can think of for the unit to be underperforming. One of the most common is a blocked air filter. This can stop cool air from reaching your home or office, meaning you’ll have to put up with the uncomfortable heat instead. But don’t worry if this sounds like you – our professional AC technicians will soon have your unit working in top condition again!

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When it comes to air conditioning services, there are many different components that can wear out over time. For example, remote controls can stop working or become unresponsive. This is because they may contain small buttons which eventually break down over time. The same goes for the fan speed dials on your unit at home – these might not work as well as they used to if you’ve turned them up and down countless times! And don’t forget about your outdoor compressor unit either – this is inevitably going to experience fatigue too after years of use. If it breaks down, you need an immediate solution otherwise you’ll be at risk of overheating indoors! That’s why we offer emergency Aircon servicing Singapore in Singapore 24/7!

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As an AC service company, we know how annoying it can be when you need to turn down the temperature but can’t! Whatever the reason is for your remote control not working, our AC technicians are available 24/7 to resolve any problem.

So why not give us a call today? Our friendly team of AC professionals will be ready and waiting to send someone out to your home or office at a moment’s notice. We’re always happy to help no matter what time of day it is – just give us a call!

Are you suffering from aircon problems that affect multiple rooms in your apartment? If so, then this could be due to incorrect zoning that has gone wrong. This means the dampers in the unit have been set up incorrectly, which will stop cool air from reaching specific areas. Although it can be a complicated task to set up your system correctly, our team of professional AC technicians know exactly what to do in this situation. We’re fully equipped with the latest tools and equipment to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

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As an air conditioning service company, we can provide you with a zoning installation service as well as repairs. This means if your aircon is not cooling as well as it used to, we’ll be able to fix any problems at once!

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