An Overview of the Uwell Caliburn Vape Device

Uwell is a company creating electronic cigarettes that was created in 2015. Their goal is to provide their customers with the best products possible while paying attention to their needs and reviews. This company is always trying to innovate the vape market by creating new p3oduts with different settings and design. They are constantly observing and analyzing their products to find improvements to add to new vaping devices.

  • General information about Uwell Caliburn

This vape device is the very first pod vape by the Uwell company. This pod system is using a refillable pod of 2mL provided with a top filling system. This pod contains 1.4-ohm parallel coils that can be replaced if it’s broken or if it’s not working efficiently anymore. The originality of the Caliburn resides in its dual firing system that allows it to be draw-activated. As such, you can choose to either push a button or use the mouthpiece to power on the device. The two methods will work. You will have to quickly press the power button five times to turn your vape on or off. Thanks to these two methods, it is easy to use and will allow people to not be confused about how it works. You will need to know about wax liquidizer

  • Characteristics of the pods

The pods used with the Uwell Caliburn are made of a tough plastic. As such, there are mainly transparent. The airflow will be able to go from two holes situated on the sides of the pod. The flow will start from the bottom of the pod, to then be released later. The pod contains a strong magnets that are creating a magnetic gold-plated connection. Parallel coils are used for this type of pods. When you buy a full kit, you will be able to have two pods: one already inside, and the other that acts as a spare. The pods are the components that will be protect the e-liquid. Any e-liquid can be added without any issues. Additionally, these pods are really easy to refill. You will just need to remove the mouthpiece and then pour the e-liquid NZ inside the pod to refill it.

  • Information on the battery

When you press the power button once, you will be able to see the battery level of the vaping device. Green color means that the vape is at 60% or higher and blue light will show that the battery is within 30 to 60 % whereas red light will be an indicator of the battery being under 30% . This vaping device has a battery capacity of 520 mAh which will allow the vaper to use it throughout the whole day. Moreover, you will be able to get to two or three refills before recharging it. To charge the Caliburn, you will only need to connect it for 45 minutes and then it will be entirely recharge. This battery has a long life and is definitely one of the advantages of this vaping device.

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