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During the month of October, the Webkitbonifacicengadget Events will bring together the best of the startup community, including some of the most exciting founders and investors in the world. These conferences and events are a great way to network with the most influential people in the tech industry.

GamesBeat Summit

Featuring over 800 in-person attendees and a virtual audience, the GamesBeat Summit will take place April 23-24, 2019 in Los Angeles. The conference is a must-attend for anyone in the game industry, whether they’re a publisher, developer, or investor. The event is organized by VentureBeat Events, a Silicon Valley-based company that produces industry-focused conferences and events.

Taking place over three days, the conference will feature an array of events spanning the entire gaming lifecycle. The conference will include discussions on core game development, dealmaking, mental health, and diversity. The opening session will have an emphasis on the future of games, including what kind of games we’ll play in the future and how we’ll create and maintain them.

Among the speakers is Riz Virk, who is now a faculty associate at Arizona State University. He’ll be talking about enabling commerce across games using the Second Life payment system. The GamesBeat Summit will also host a panel on the art of dealmaking, featuring a panel of game industry veterans.

Future of Work Summit

VB Events’ Future of Work Summit is a great venue for discussing new workplace technologies. With its focus on workplace technologies and the impact of technology, it offers a cross-industry forum for discussion. The conference will focus on the evolution of the workplace, from HR and technology to business transformation and culture.

The event will feature a wide range of speakers. Among them are executives from Zoom, Salesforce, DoorDash and Levi Strauss. This conference will discuss various tactics to optimize collaboration and communication. It will also explore the role of AI and metaverse technologies in the evolution of the workplace.

The event is targeted at senior HR leaders. It is held by the global HR think tank i4cp. It is a popular event for these professionals. They discuss topics such as the future of work, organizational culture, human capital, and more.

The Future of Work USA conference is a great opportunity for senior executives to learn about the latest in digital workplaces. The conference will also review critical themes in business transformation and change management. It will explore the importance of employee well-being and DEI.


Whether you are in the retail industry or not, you’ve undoubtedly heard of VentureBeat’s Transform summit. This five-day virtual event features a stellar lineup of C-suite executives, technology gurus and luminaries. The conference is designed to give attendees the opportunity to network with like-minded execs while learning how to navigate the latest AI and data-driven innovations. The conference is not to be missed.

In addition to the usual suspects, the aforementioned event also features a VIP component. Attendees will receive extra perks including exclusive breakfast sessions and roundtables. As well, the company’s membership program entitles members to access the conference’s gates, community spaces and a whole lot of gated content. In addition, the aforementioned summit is held over a four-day period, allowing attendees to spread their wings and mingle with industry thought leaders.


While the name of the Transform might sound familiar, it is the illustrious event’s newest edition that is on everyone’s mind. In the spirit of the name of this ol’ sex, this year’s event is taking a page from the playbook of the tech heavyweights and putting

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