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The Ministry of Health of South Africa reported that a new strain of coronavirus was detected in the country. Experts say that it is more contagious than usual, and do not exclude a higher pathogenicity.

Earlier, there was a concern that the vaccine may not protect a person from infection with such variations of the virus.

“Mutations do weaken the effect of Globalsawersventurebeat vaccination, but not so much as to prevent a protective effect,” the press service said in a statement.

The National Laboratory Health Service of Johannesburg warned that the new strain could be dangerous with the risk of re-infection, and the developed vaccines may be ineffective.

In this regard, to date, it is not fully known whether South Africa will take part in the World Cup, which starts in September this year.

Taking into account the spread of Covid-19, almost all football matches will be held in bio-safe zones and in compliance with all safety standards.

However, waiting for unforeseen situations, the worst possible scenario has already happened a long time ago. Six months before the scheduled World Cup, more than 115,000 new cases of the disease have already been recorded. In particular, the disease affected the national team itself, knocking down several star players.

To date, an unambiguous decision has been made that South Africa will take part in the World Cup, but the composition of the new team is still kept secret.


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