Are People Leaving from New York City?

More people are leaving New York in the last couple of years. Most people are blaming COVID-19 for this movement, but the reality is different. People have been leaving New York since 2010. So if you’re pondering over the question, “Are people leaving from New York?” The answer is yes! Almost 125,000 people have left New York since July 2020. But why are people moving out of this dream city?

Keep reading till the end to get answers to this query!

Why are People Leaving NYC?

There are varied reasons for moving people out of New York based on everyone’s preferences. Some of the reasons are as follow:

#1. New York City is Very Expensive

Do you know it’s the 7th most expensive city in the world? So you can understand that if you earn $2000 here a month, you can’t live here comfortably. For example, you can get beer for $10 or more in some places. Similarly, groceries, utilities, eating out, services, and personal care are expensive too. So the primary reason is that the people living in New York mainly suffer due to the high prices and high lifestyles, so they are leaving from New York.

#2. Costs of Property and Rents are Very High

The primary reason for moving out of New York is the high prices of rent and property. But through visiting the well known platform of Rentberry those who are interested to find cheaper apartments for rent within the New York area will have it much easier. It’s just impossible for most people to buy a house in NYC, and similarly, rent costs are astronomical. Even you may end up expending a lot of money to live in a shoebox with few luxuries. Admit it or not, you must require a roommate to share the costs of living.

#3. Extremely High Tax Rates

Most people decide to leave New York due to high-income tax rates because they won’t live in Florida and Texas, where they don’t have to face this problem. Other best destinations are  Nevada, Wyoming, Washington, and New Hampshire.

#4. Everywhere is Traffic and Noise

NYC is very noisy and carries heavy traffic. In some areas of New York, you may encounter many sleepless nights due to noise. To reach their destination timely, many people use cycles, but that is not that much easy. Train delays and paths shut for construction will serve as a  frustrating aspect of everyday life. So people are moving out of New York in search of peace of mind.

#5. The Harsh Weather Conditions

The New Yorkers have to face harsh weather conditions like bitterly cold winter, and the summer can be humid and hot. However, many cities in the US have much better weather conditions that urge New Yorkers to move out of the town.

Some Additional Reasons:

  • New York City is fast-paced
  • Huge competition for jobs
  • New Yorkers are blunt
  • Terrorism
  • Homelessness and mental illness of some people
  • NYC is dirty


No doubt many people are leaving New York City, but many people are also coming back due to the rise in vaccination rates. So whether you’re going or coming back to NYC, all you need is to hire movers to make your relocation safe and easy!

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