Are you Hiring an Attorney After a Car Accident?-Things You Can Expect?

If you have met with a serious accident and received noticeable injuries, calling an attorney can prove to be your best bet. A car accident lawyer can come to the place and save you from a lot of hassles. He can speak to the officials and protects your rights as a victim. He is the one, who will work hard to build a strong case and ensure that you get what you deserve. You should know when to call a Kent car accident attorney so that you can get the right guidance on time.

Know about calling an attorney

Many people skip calling an attorney after an accident, as they are unaware of it. Below mentioned are a few situations when you should call a car accident lawyer:

  • You or someone else have received significant injuries
  • Major damages to your vehicle
  • Fault cannot be established
  • Pedestrian, car, truck or motorist have been injured in the accident
  • The crash has occurred in the school zone, construction area, or work zone
  • Disagreement with the police report
  • The insurance company is refusing the claim 

When it comes to calling an attorney, the sooner the better.  After the attorney has come to you, he will ask for the following details:

  • Core facts about your case or your version of the event
  • Medical records including bills and reports
  • Copy of police report
  • Contact details of who all was involved or present at the time of the accident
  • Photos of injuries and damages 

Filing a claim and working with an attorney

You will work closely with your attorney and file the case. Before he documents everything, he will assess all the details and investigate the case properly. After he has figured out the facts, he will get in touch with the insurance company of the at-fault party and negotiate the amount.

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A lawsuit and claim are different from one another. When you have filed a claim with an insurance company, the attorney will get in touch with them and negotiate on your behalf. An experienced attorney is a good negotiator who can convince them and try to get you the amount that you deserve.  If the insurance company does not agree with this amount, he can file a personal injury lawsuit and ensure that you get justice and compensation.

You should hire a reputed car accident lawyer if you want to win the case.

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