Avoid these mistakes after a car accident in Spokane

Thousands of car accidents are reported in Washington state every year. Victims often pursue their injury lawsuits because they have no idea of their rights. Washington has very claimant-friendly laws when compared to many other states. With someone like attorney Matt Albrecht, you could win a much higher settlement than you can possibly imagine. It is also important to avoid common mistakes after a car accident, and below is a list of the top ones. 

Fleeing the scene

Always pull over and wait at the accident scene for the local law enforcement to respond. Even if you are not at fault, fleeing the scene could indicate your irresponsibility. Also, don’t let anyone tell you that a police report is not required. Call the police immediately from the accident scene. 

Admitting fault

Thanks to the pure comparative fault rule, you can file a lawsuit against someone who is at a lesser fault than you. However, immediately after the accident, don’t admit fault. The other party’s insurance company will do their best to deny your claim, and if you say anything that confirms your negligence, you could end up losing your case. Do not engage in arguments or blame the other side. You don’t have to give a statement to the insurance company right away. 

Posting on social media

It’s hard to ignore social media, but when it comes to legal matters, keep things personal. Never discuss your auto accident claim with anyone other than your immediate family members and lawyer. 

Not calling a lawyer

Many people assume that they can win a car accident claim on their own. Fighting a battle against the insurance company is possible, but if you want a fair settlement and better chances, you have to get an attorney. Top lawyers in Spokane offer a free meeting where they can review your case. Also, since these lawyers take car accident lawsuits on a contingency fee, you don’t have to pay them immediately. 

Accepting too soon

The first offer from the claims adjuster is not the final one. Let your attorney take over and negotiate on your behalf. Don’t sign anything related to the car accident claim unless verified by your attorney. Your lawyer can also file a lawsuit if the insurance settlement is unacceptable. 

A good car accident lawyer will not exaggerate your claim. They will do everything possible to ensure that the settlement covers your losses. Don’t delay calling an attorney.   

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