Best Decorative Concrete to Improve Your Home

We build houses for our needs. We all need to be careful while building a house. Each of us has different preferences. Now we all use decorative concrete when building homes. Because of this, the place looks beautiful.

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What does Decorative Concrete Mean?

Decorative concrete is an imaginative decorative material. It turns various artistic decorative images into reality, is no longer limited to materials, and enhances the decorative arts. As long as the shape is imaginable, decorative concrete can be used for artistic re-creation. The color of decorative concrete has changed a lot.

You can choose the color according to your creative needs. Even its material has undergone a fundamental change. It has evolved from simple cement, sand, and stone to adding polymers, steel fibers, Mineral fiber, plant fiber, polymer fiber, and other materials to increase strength and toughness. The shape has also begun to be three-dimensional from the previous flat decoration.

Kinds of Decorative Concrete?

1. Surface color measurement of concrete: 

For coloring on the surface of concrete, colored cement and white cement, colored and white stones and stone chips are generally used and then arranged in a particular proportion with water to form colored decorative fabrics. When making, it is first laid on the bottom of the formwork with a thickness of not less than 10 mm, and then ordinary concrete is poured on it.

2. Overall colored concrete:

It is generally made of white cement or colored cement, white cement or colored stones, white or colored stone chips and water. The overall coloring of concrete can meet the requirements of architectural decoration and meet the needs of the fundamental robustness of the building structure.

3. Colored concrete tiles:

Colored concrete bricks include pavement bricks, sidewalk bricks, roadway bricks, etc. The shapes can be divided into ordinary bricks and special-shaped bricks. The figures are square, round, oval, hexagonal, etc., and the surface can be made into various patterns. Called the flower stage brick. Paving the road with colored concrete bricks can make the pavement form colorful and beautiful designs and permanent traffic management signs, beautifying the city and making pedestrians shine.

The Role of Decorative Concrete:

  • The role of alerting and guiding traffic: such as at intersections, bus stops, dangerous up and down slopes, sidewalks and areas where vehicles need to be shown.
  • Changes in surface pavement functions: such as parking lots, bicycle lanes, bus lanes, etc.
  • Improve the lighting effect: the use of light colors can improve the lighting effect, such as tunnels, viaducts, and other areas with higher driving safety requirements.
  • Beautify the environment: Reasonable use of colors helps the coordination, harmony and beauty of the surrounding landscapes, such as sidewalks, squares, parks, and entertainment venues.

Application Range of decorative Concrete:

Decorative concrete can be widely used in the landscape creation of sidewalks, parks, squares, playgrounds, noble community roads, parking lots, courtyards, subway platforms, swimming pools, etc. Landscaping Las Cruces are ready to provide expert landscaping service if you are from Las Cruces. which are required in various occasions such as residential, community, commercial, municipal, cultural and recreational activities has exceptionally high safety and durability.

Decorative Concrete Adds Value and Beauty Indoors:

Decorative concrete makes your home much more beautiful. You can use decorative concrete on the floor or walls of the house. As a result, the beauty of your home will increase several times. The use of decorative concrete will keep the floor of your house dust-free because it is moisture-resistant and prevents the growth of bacteria so that your home stays clean and safe. Decorative concrete is essential for those who have allergies or asthma.

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