Best Storage Shed Kits to Buy in 2021

Equipment storage for your home can become limited over time. This is primarily because storage spaces typically do not stretch out for us when we need them the most. One of the solutions is to sell or throw away some of the things we keep in our storage. If that is a bit heartbreaking, you are in luck since there are still options available out there to improve or increase the amount of storage space you have in your home.

Here are the best storage shed kits to get this 2021.

The Suncast Modernist Resin Storage Shed

Get the opportunity to further complement an already contemporary home and landscape design with the addition of this modern shed kit. It is made out of durable resin, designed to withstand all types of weather conditions. That includes snow build-up that can weigh up to 40 pounds. This kit also has UV protection that will last for up to 10 years. Where else will you find a storage shed kit that has that feature? It can protect itself from UV rays for a whole decade.

This storage shed also includes Transom windows that let in natural light around the top. In addition, vents are installed to help in allowing air to circulate inside. This shed kit measures approximately 7 feet square and only requires minimal tools for assembly.

SpaceSaver 8×4 with Single Door

For a storage shed kit that has that natural feel going for it, this is the one to get. This shed features charming wooden features, one door, and a functional screened window that comes with a box where you can place plants or better yet, some flowers.

This shed features paneled walls made out of western red cedar. These are then very well suited for painting and staining if you fancy some more DIY modifications. The assembly will only take a day or two primarily because it only needs a few screws and nails.

The Outsunny Metal Storage Shed

For storage sheds that you may want to have a bit more rigidity, this one could be the one for you. This particular metal storage shed offers an ample amount of space. It includes four vents and two doors. The roof of the shed has a sloped design to keep rain and snow from collecting.

This shed might be considered a utilitarian type of storage shed. Which in many cases, actually is. With its simple but then sturdy, solid construction will last for decades.

Rubbermaid 7-foot Storage Shed

The popular brand Rubbermaid offers this very well-known outdoor shed. This particular product doesn’t have the fancy features but instead, offers all of the kinds of features you need to store everything and anything you want to in an easy to assemble storage shed kit.

The storage shed doors can open up to a full 180 degrees to provide ample amounts of space for things like riding lawn mowers, power equipment, or any other bulky or large items that are stored in the shed.

The shed doesn’t immediately feature shelves, but the good news is that you will be able to add them in later if you want to. There are several compatible accessories provided by Rubbermaid like shelves, hooks as well as storage baskets. All of which will be able to help you customize the interior portion of your storage shed.

Keter Manor Plastic Vertical Storage Shed

There are storage sheds that are on that minimalist vibe as well. Simple designs that aren’t too flashy at the same time, still very functional. This shed features resin plastic walls reinforced with steel. That being said, this makes this kit virtually strong and waterproof. This is resistant to all types of weather as well as those vicious rays of UV.

The long-lasting material will never rust, peel off, rot, or even dent. So if you want something that’s light and still effectively sturdy, this storage shed kit is definitely for you.

Hopkins Barn Style Roof Shed Kit

Assembling things in your backyard is fun. And it’s probably why you’re currently learning about storage shed kits in the first place. One of the best DIY kits out there for you is this one.

This kit features 2×4 basics brackets all designed to help out in making this an easy-to-finish outdoor project. Although it is an easy build, this isn’t a soft or flimsy build. It’s got 55 pieces of 24 gauge galvanized steel connector brackets keeping it stiff and steady while you build it from the ground up.

Build Your Dream Shed!

With all of these presented, it’s easy to say that there won’t be a shortage of choices for you when it comes to buying and building your storage shed at home. All you need to keep in mind is to keep a budget range and make sure that you can manage the building process itself.

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