Birth Control Methods: Taking Advantage of the Contraceptive Benefits and Beyond

While people use contraception for different reasons, it is meant to prevent pregnancy. Using contraception lets you determine the number of children you may wish to have and the timing of your pregnancies. But, it’s important to understand that there are different Memorial City birth control methods to consider including injections, intrauterine devices (IUDs), pills, rings, patches, and implants. Such methods have possible benefits beyond contraception. These include the following:

Fix Problematic Menstrual Cycles

Irregular menstrual cycles may result in a woman not ovulating regularly. Hormones can manipulate the menstrual cycles, normalizing them. A hormonal birth control method can benefit women with irregular, heavy, or painful monthly periods. It works by stopping ovulation, helping a woman avoid cyclic hormonal changes. When the period is normalized, some of the negative symptoms a woman may experience during menstruation can be stabilized. 

Stop the Monthly Period

There are many reasons you may want to stop your period. For instance, you may want to avoid having an inconvenient cycle, especially when you go on a trip. Also, you can avoid PMS symptoms and menstrual migraines when you skip cycles. Using birth control pills does not affect fertility. Reach out to your doctor if you want to stop your period. 

Alleviate Painful Periods

Dysmenorrhea is a menstrual disorder that many women have to suffer from every month. It usually results from high levels of prostaglandins, which are body chemicals with hormone-like qualities. When the level of prostaglandins increases in the uterine lining, pain occurs. Birth control options like hormonal IUDs and injections can help treat painful periods. 

Reduce Acne and the Excessive Growth of Body Hair

A lot of factors cause breakouts; however, hormonal changes are the leading cause. Because of this, birth control can help with hormonal acne and body hair growth. Experts say that male sex hormones called androgen can cause acne because they can trigger the skin’s oil glands. Pills that have reduced androgenic activity may help reduce the level of androgens in the body, improving acne and abnormal hair growth. But, not all birth control methods can effectively treat acne. Your doctor should walk you through the right options. 

Birth control has various impacts on those who use it. Its non-contraceptive benefits vary by method and person. Thus, it is important to consult your doctor about the best method for you.  

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