Bracelet Buying Guide

If you are all set to buy a women’s bracelet, then don’t forget to read this handy buying guide.

A bracelet is a fine piece of jewelry that adorns your wrist. It showcases sophistication and draws attention to your hands. So, let’s explore everything about bracelets – right from how to find the right style to what metals to pick.

#1. Find the right style:

The right style and design of the bracelet matter a lot. If you are buying it for yourself, choose the style that goes well with most of your outfits as well as suits your personality. However, if you are buying it as a gift for someone, then make sure to choose a style they gravitate for.

Given below are some popular bracelet designs:

  • Beaded bracelets.
  • Spot diamond bracelets.
  • Mangalsutra bracelets.
  • Tweed link bracelets.
  • Bracelets with hearts, flowers, and other motifs.

#2. Make a Selection between a bracelet and a bangle: 

Bracelets: A bracelet is made up of a linked or woven metal chain and is fastened by a clasp. A bracelet has a flexible structure that creates a wavy effect around your wrist.

Bangles: A bangle has a rigid structure. It may or may not have a joint or clasp to open or close. Generally, bangles have a rigid circular shape that lets you slip them on your wrist.

#3. Decide On The Size & Fit: 

The bracelet size plays a crucial role in defining your overall look. Therefore, to ensure it strikes the right impact, find the size that is perfect for you. Here are some tips to help you find the right size bracelet:

  • When measuring the wrist, consider the area below the wrist bone for finding the right fit. You can use a flexible tape, or strip of any material to measure and mark the size.
  • The standard size for chain or link bracelets is 18.5cm. This is a commonly found wrist size in women.
  • For bangles– 55 inches or 8.03 inches is the standard size that fits most women.

#4. The Bracelet Metals:

  • Gold bracelet, whether yellow, white or rose, is most suitable for everyday wear. Also, it goes well with most of your outfits and occasions.
  • Yellow gold bracelets exude a more kind of traditional look.
  • Sterling silver is a soft metal, therefore it is recommended for daily wear. As it is likely to be more prone to wear and tear.
  • Silver bracelets are apt for those who want to flaunt a metallic look.

How To Wear Multiple Bracelets?

Layering bracelets is an effortless way to show off your unique style. Stack bracelets with different widths but don’t ever try to wear two similar bracelets. For a bolder appeal, you use different colored bracelets.

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