Can Braces Fix Gaps in Teeth? Ask your Orthodontist:

It is natural that both adults and children have a gap between their two upper front teeth. This gap is known as diastema, which ranges from noticeable to significant. You can expect diastema in children with half-baby and half-adult teeth, generally between ages 7 to 11. There is nothing wrong with having a gap between your teeth. Diastema is like having freckles or rare eye colour, and it adds uniqueness to your looks. Below you can ask the orthodontist in Omaha whether the braces can fix gaps between your teeth: 

Causes of gaps between teeth:

Diastema may happen for various causes. The common reasons are if you have teeth that are very small for your jawline, then it will cause wide gaping. If the tissue between your upper front teeth and gums overgrows, it causes separations. Incorrect swallowing and tongue placing pressure on the upper front teeth create gaps. You can search online for braces Omaha and ask the orthodontists in Omaha if the braces can fix the gaps between your teeth. 

How to fix that gap with braces:

Braces are the common solution to close the gap between your upper front teeth. Orthodontists use braces with wires and brackets to move the upper front teeth together to close the diastema. For adults, orthodontists prefer removable or invisible braces known as Invisalign. The time it will take for the braces to close the gap between the teeth will vary according to the size of the gap. It is also based on the brace style you choose and the placement of your upper front teeth. Treatment will take case by a case basis, so you should schedule your consultation with the orthodontists in Omaha by searching for braces Omaha. 

Other causes of gaps between teeth:

Missing teeth is an absolute reason why the gaps are happening between the teeth. The labial frenum is a piece of thin skin that attaches from your upper lip to your upper front teeth. There are two simple reasons for the gaps. They are thumb-sucking and swallowing incorrectly. Thumb sucking pulls your teeth forward over time. While swallowing food, you should not press the tongue towards the teeth because that causes a gap between your teeth. So, it would be best to push your tongue towards the roof of your mouth to avoid gaps. 


In most cases, it is hard to prevent the gaps if the teeth are very small. Although, if the gap is caused by your habits, it is easy to stop the habit and prevent it from happening further. The braces can quickly fix the gap between your teeth. If you don’t control your habits that cause gaps between your teeth, it will cause more pain to your teeth and gums and make them loosen. Thus, it will become hard to bite or chew your food. 

Winding up:

Hopefully, the above article will help you on whether the braces will fix gaps between your teeth or not. So, you should schedule an appointment and consult an orthodontist to fix the gaps in the teeth and get the smile of your dreams. Get your gaps in the teeth fixed and have happy and healthy smiles. 

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