Can Players make money with small slots bets? 

Small slots bets aren’t always done to save a players bankroll, sometimes small bets can be an effective strategy to winning money – try the Irish Luck slot game.

Minimum Betting 

Betting small with slots may seem a little unusual but there is actually a common playing strategy called minimum betting which does exactly that. Placing a minimum bet essentially means that a player has only wagered the lowest available amount, this is usually around £0.01. The main reason to minimum bet is because it limits the potential loss that a player might experience, however making a decent profit using this strategy can require a lot of patience. Players should also remember that the amount of paylines in a slot game can affect the minimum bet of a player. For example, if a slot has 30 paylines and the player bets £0.01, they will find that they have bet £0.30 in total.

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Why you Should Minimum Bet 

Minimum betting is a sometimes controversial style of betting, this is because it can be less exciting as players limit the amount of risk involved. However, there are still a variety of reasons why players should minimum bet. 

  •     Helps newer players get accustomed to the game without worrying about losing too much money. If a new player wishes to experience slot games without the fear of losing too much of their bankroll, minimum betting is perfect for them.
  •     It is the most cost effective way to play. This playing strategy not only minimises the potential risk that is involved with playing slots but also helps to preserve a players bankrolls, essentially ensuring that they will be able to play for longer than average.
  •     Through playing for longer, there is also a much better opportunity for players to trigger bonus features which lead to better wins. All of this is made possible by the player placing minimum bets.

Why you should Bet Bigger 

Sometimes betting bigger is the better way to play. Whilst this will depend on your own personal bankroll, there are several reasons why players should consider betting bigger. 

  1. Better prizes. One thing that maximum betting offers players is the chance to win some truly extraordinary prizes. Thanks to a bigger prize pool, those who bet bigger will get the chance to win bigger prizes.
  2. More exciting. When there is more money on the line, the game will get more exciting. Players will know that the next spin could potentially result in them triggering a bonus feature which will lead them to securing a win, making betting bigger a more exciting option.
  3. Eligible for jackpots. Progressive jackpots are highly lucrative thanks to the massive amount of money which they offer winning players. Betting big is the only way for players to be eligible for these types of jackpots. 

Final Thoughts 

Minimum betting requires players to be patient, something which is not always easy to do. If you have a smaller bankroll, betting smaller can be an incredibly effective strategy in terms of making money.

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