Causes and Treatments of Hair Loss in Children 

It is an alarming condition when you see hair loss in children. As kids age, they also notice everything, including hair color, length, and other things. There can be any reason behind hair loss in children as it depends on age and other factors.

It might be possible that fungal and bacterial infections cause hair loss. Traction and telogen effluvium are also the causes of hair fall in children, reportedly. A child specialist in Karachi says that ringworm is the most common cause of hair fall in children these days.

Causes of Hair Fall In Children 

Alopecia areata 

It is a hair loss type that allows the immune system of the body to attack hair follicles. You can notice baldness or thin hair due to this type of hair loss. It also causes hair loss of eyebrows and eyelashes. During this, bald spots remain skin-colored.

Many children experience flares during hair fallout. Hair experts believe that there are further subtypes of this disorder. It also varies from person to person. Many treatments can help in reducing the symptoms of alopecia areata disorder, but there is no such effective cure yet.

Red light therapy can trigger the growth of hair. Consistent hair treatment can help, but if your child takes a break from this therapy, the hair can begin to fall again.

Traction alopecia 

This is a hair loss type that happens when the scalp experiences long-term pulling or tension. If your child wears a tight band or likes to have the right braids, ask her to avoid it. Poorly placed extensions can also cause traction alopecia. The symptoms include redness, thin spots, itchiness, etc.

Scalp injury 

A scalp injury may damage the hair follicle that can result in hair loss. But this kind of hair loss appears on the specific area of the head. It takes time to heal an injury, but once it gets healed, the hair will regrow.

Telogen effluvium 

It is a type of hair loss that is temporary and occurs due to different reasons, such as physical and emotional shocks. In this condition, hair grows again after two to six years. It can be caused by surgery with general anesthesia, emotional stress, physical injuries, some medications, fever, infections, etc.

Scalp ringworms 

Ringworm is a common condition of contagious fungal infections. It is known as ringworms because it appears in a red and ring-shaped rash. It affects the scalp that is called tinea capitis. You can notice this condition when your child scratches and rubs the scalps. Such infection causes hair fall and can happen in more than two areas. In such a case, your child needs to visit a pediatrician for medical treatments. Antifungal creams are often used for this kind of scalp infection.

Hair Twirling 

Twirling hair means damaging the hair follicles. If your child has such a habit, help him/her to get rid of it as it can cause hair fall. Many adults also pull their hair when they are stressed about something or feel anxiety. Hair regrows when your child stops pulling or twirling hair.


Using hot hair tools, such as blow-drying or straightening can damage the hair follicle that can turn out as hair fall. You should be careful when you dry your kids’ hair. Experts say that we all need to avoid heat exposure.


Generation Z wants to have a new hair look every day. Mothers often use bleach, perm, dye, or even straighten the hair of their girls without thinking about how it can damage the hair shaft. If it’s necessary to hairstyle your kids, get help from a hairstylist to choose the right products.

Final Thought

Bun or brain can cause trauma and result in hair fall in children. Teach your kids to be gentle with hair too, and check their scalp health often to avoid any hair loss risk.

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