Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanity

Planning a large-scale renovation project is both fascinating and nerve-racking. Several options are to be taken, and even the tiniest areas need careful planning regarding bathroom renovations. Following the floor layout, selecting the bathroom vanity and countertop is among the most significant considerations to make. Because they are frequently stylish and, based on the required room size, among the most visible aspects, vanities are often the area’s main focus.

Vanity size

The user’s functional demands are critical in any environment. It is pretty important in a bathroom space. What size of the vanity do you require, and what size would the available space allow? Do you want a vanity with a double sink, or would a single sink be sufficient? How spacious counter space are you looking for? What type of storage do you require?

Maybe drawer’s space is more suitable for your needs than traditional open cabinet layouts. The vanity’s size is determined by the size of your bathroom and the location of current plumbing. If you are conducting a gut rehab, you could have some alternatives regarding putting the pipes to accommodate the vanity option. However, if the project needs you to continue with the present plumbing location, this may influence your choice.

Materials and styles

Vanities are offered in various materials and ornamental designs. For example, traditional styles could be available in higher-end woods like walnut or cherry, whereas sleekly contemporary models may be available in high-end composite material with endless colour variations.

Budget vanity should be closely reviewed and built with MDF fiberboard with thermafoil. While they are less costly than wood, they will not last as long in a bathroom due to the wet conditions. Finally, your design and money will most likely determine the material of your vanity.

Countertops must be chosen using the same approach as the bathroom vanity design, considering your practical demands and budget. Several vanities feature-complete counters, which makes the design process much easier. However, many lovely choices on markets that it is worth looking into the different materials:

  • Formica and some plastic laminates offer common low-cost choices available in various designs and colours. In addition, laminates are generally durable and maybe simply changed if they get discoloured or otherwise compromised.
  • Marble, granite, and other stone materials are stunning and elegant selections guaranteed to turn heads. Periodic sealing, on the other hand, is essential to keep discolouration at bay.
  • Manmade surfaces, including quartz or Corian, may have the beautiful feel of genuine stone while also providing a wide range of pattern and colour options. Depending on your tastes, you should also evaluate whether you choose an under-mount sink or drop-in sink. Corian sinks and countertops may be custom-moulded to provide a seamless, easy-to-clean surface. This alternative can be as costly as genuine stone, but it is worth it because it can be personalised.

Consider these factors while shopping for new vanity and countertop

  • Requirement specification
  • Budget
  • Materials used
  • Decorative and style choices

Having these fundamental needs in mind may assist you in selecting the best possibilities for bathroom your project.

Choosing the right bathroom vanity is not an easy task as you need to consider several things to make sure everything will work out. You may first search the net for different styles and materials for your ideal vanity.

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