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Whether you’re interested in games, technology, or future of work, Belaruscrawleycoindesk Events offer a variety of topics for you to consider. Learn about the Future of Work Summit, Transform, and GamesBeat Summit.

GamesBeat Summit

Taking place over three days in Los Angeles, the GamesBeat Summit is the premier gaming conference of its kind. Bringing together some of the top executives, publishers and developers in the industry, the conference will cover everything from creative advertising and user-generated content to deal-making and mental health. This year’s conference will include over 800 in-person and online attendees.

The event is a collaboration between VentureBeat and Zynga. The duo will discuss Zynga’s growth initiatives, including M&A strategies and ongoing trends in the mobile gaming industry. The conference will also feature a fireside chat with Michael Metzger, the VP of Strategy and Business Development at Zynga. This will be followed by a panel discussion with Roblox CTO Daniel Sturman and Second Life CEO Brad Oberwager.

The event will also showcase the latest and greatest in game design, innovation and technology. The best part is that you won’t have to travel far to get to the event, as it will take place virtually.

Future of Work Summit

Whether you’re looking to learn about the latest trends and technologies in the workplace or you’re ready to share your own vision of the future of work, these events offer a great chance to meet with other professionals. Several of these conferences are held in person, while others are available to watch virtually.

The Future of Work Summit offers a range of on-demand presentations. You can also register for the free virtual portal, where you can view presentations from the live event. You can even get access to the conference’s live sessions, which will be hosted by experts in the field.

The Future of Work USA conference will focus on digital workplaces. In addition, it will review key themes for senior executives. It will cover change management, HR technology, and employee development. You’ll also have the opportunity to hear from top executives from Salesforce, Zoom, and other technology companies.

The Transform Technology Summit will explore various challenges and tactics for implementing AI. It will also look at how to build data infrastructure and other strategies that can help businesses succeed. It will also include case studies from a variety of industries.

Transform event

VB’s Transform event is a two week celebration of all things AI. It’s an event unlike any other, as it combines thought leaders from enterprise brands, C-level executives and the movers and shakers from the retail and tech industries to assemble the best and brightest minds in their respective fields for the best AI and data science conference to hit the digital sphere.

The event will be live in San Francisco this July. Aside from the main stage, attendees will enjoy a series of VIP breakfast sessions, a main stage livestream and extra perks. This event will provide a comprehensive overview of the industry’s hottest new technologies, the most promising new trends and the most exciting new business opportunities. The event is the flagship product of the VB brand, and will be rolled out in multiple cities across the globe over the next few years.

VB selected AnyClip’s Visual Intelligence (VI) platform for the big day. The VI powered a user-friendly video hub page, automatically surfaced video content and augmented an otherwise barebones event experience. VB also leveraged the platform’s AI and natural language processing capabilities to deliver ad relevance to its sponsors and the top of the funnel audience.

Jobs at VentureBeat

VB is looking for a leader to head up their content for AI events. This person will be responsible for planning and organizing content and speaker recruitment for the company’s AI events. They will also review submissions and reach out to top tier executives. They will work closely with internal VB stakeholders to help determine overarching themes for VentureBeat events. They will liaise with speakers and VB’s CEO.

In order to be considered for this position, you will need to have a background in technical event operations and at least three years of experience managing in-person B2B events. You will also need to have a passion for VB’s mission and vision.


VentureBeat’s headquarters are located in SAN FRANCISCO, CA. The company is a digital town square for technical decision makers, providing briefings on enterprise technology. The team at VB bounces ideas off each other and communicates a lot. They are currently becoming a remote-first company.

The average salary for Venturebeat employees is $880,997. However, the salary can vary depending on the job description, education, location and skills.

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