Common Causes of Truck Accidents In Winter (And How to Avoid T Hem)

Driving a big rig during the winter can be a troubling situation, and many truck drivers get into accidents every year. Thankfully, talking with a Houston truck accident lawyer can help you if you experience these problems. However, knowing more about what causes these accidents and how to avoid them can give you the ability to avoid these kinds of accidents. Here’s what you need to know.

Why Winter is So Dangerous For Truck Drivers

Winter is typically when accident rates skyrocket and become much more problematic for drivers. This problem is particularly painful for truck drivers because they are in such big rigs that can cause major devastation if they lose control. This issue is widespread throughout the world and is something that can cause millions of dollars in damage every year and many injuries and death.

There are many reasons winter is such a problem for truck drivers. Note that these problems are also consistent for all drivers on the road and can affect anybody when they occur. As a truck driver, though, you have even more responsibility to drive safely because of the sheer bulk of your vehicle. Here are a few things to look out for when you’re driving your truck this winter:

  • Rain and Snow: When winter precipitation strikes, you might find the roads very slick and dangerous and struggle to drive your rig. As snow collects, your truck may lose control more easily.
  • Ice and Sleet: Ice, sleet, and hail can stick to the roads and make driving very dangerous, especially for bigger trucks that are more likely to slip on them.
  • Questionable Driving Behaviors: People with four-wheel or all-wheel vehicles may drive faster than they should which could cause dangerous driving situations in the winter.
  • Poor Visibility: When it is snowing or raining during the winter, your visibility may decrease heavily and people may not see you as well on the road.
  • Packed Holiday Roads: During the winter, people from all around the nation are likely traveling to visit their families for the holidays, increasing your risk of crashes.
  • Busy Delivery Schedules: Meeting holiday delivery demands during the winter may cause you to be on the road more often in the winter and increase your chances of crashes.

Avoiding These Problems

Understanding the most common causes of truck accidents doesn’t mean you’re completely out of the woods yet. Unfortunately, there’s also a good chance that you might still experience these problems and crash if you aren’t prepared to take steps to avoid them. Thankfully, it is possible to be a safer driver and minimize your crash risk if you follow a few simple and powerful prevention tips:

  • Drive slower than the speed limit when you have to travel in winter storms
  • Put on your hazard lights to make your truck easier to see while you’re driving
  • Perform regular maintenance on your truck before you leave, including changing your wipers
  • Try to change your driving schedule when severe winter storms are likely to hit
  • Park your truck somewhere safe and wait out the storm if possible
  • Avoid putting your truck on the road during the holiday season

Staying Safe

As you can see, staying safe on the road requires a little work that will minimize everyone’s risk and prevent accidents. Follow each of the steps outlined above or even reach out to specialized safety driving instructors or professionals. Doing so will help you prepare yourself for these changes to your driving patterns and ensure that you stay safer while on the road this winter.

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