Considerations When Selecting a Plate Compactor

It is the equipment used for construction, usually for smoothing and leveling the ground. It is either of steel or iron. It has handles for pushing; there is a type that doesn’t go backward while another does. These machines are mostly rented or purchased for landscaping and paving. This article is going to talk about the factors to consider when selecting it.

They were initially called wacker plates, originating from its manufacturer in England; WackerNeuson specialized in such items.  It is commonly used in road jobs, especially the formation of sidewalks and pathways.  The machine is used to level surfaces but can also be used for other reasons.  This item is available for sale at many supply stores and companies, be careful when buying due to frauds in quality.


1. Size and plate shape

Theyhave different sizes. The smallest will have an average seventeen to twenty inches plate size. A small Compactor is recommended for small works because extensive will cost you construction equipment to work. Small Compactors have excellent maneuvering.

For shape, a curved plate is easy to turn and protects it from gouging the asphalt.

2. Power and Water Tank

For the machine to perform, it should have the same electrical and gas power to work correctly. Those powered by gas are small, and those using electricity are versatile, and the power lasts less time. Power plays a major role in determining the compactor machine price in Kenya.

The plate compactorshould contain a small water tank. The water prevents the plate from sticking to the asphalt by separating the hot asphalt from the cold compaction plate.

3. Compaction Force and Eccentric Frequency

You may need different levels of force from your machine depending on the task you have. The speedy the machine, the more expensive it is. Eccentric frequencies are the vibrations per minute. It is another essential factor to consider when selecting the appropriate item. High vibration per minute machines is the ones more preferred.

4. Type of handle

There are two types of handles, vibration and anti-vibration handles. The vibration handle is the one that you can still feel the vibration while working with the item. The anti-vibration handle is the one that prevents the vibrations from reaching the handle by redirecting it to the plate than to the operator hence enhancing comfortability.

Some handle types make maneuvering easy; the centrally mounted handle is easy to use and has fewer cutting materials.  A swinging handle is easy to move the handle can be mounted anywhere back, front or center. The handle also is given a level height for operations in either direction.

5. Soil Type

The soil in granules requires more work than compact soil. Soil, dirt, gravel, or rocks are of different types, affecting the item to buy.  Heavy, wet, or clay soil all require a specific type of machine.The less compact the soil is, the more quality of the item you will need.

In conclusion, plate compactors are the real deal at construction sites, and choosing the best for your work is highly significant.

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