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If you’re not enjoying yourself, what are you doing? If there is no entertainment value in your work, then there really is no point in doing it—you can probably get enough in unemployment benefit to survive. I think there are an awful lot of people out there who really do enjoy working but are frightened to Appleclovermacrumors say so in case they get accused of being workaholics or sad or something. There is no shame in saying you enjoy your work.

There seems to be some kudos in being miserable at work, in moaning about your situation. There is a sort of office pecking order where people try to outdo each other in moaning about how much they hate their work. Not for you there’s not. The Rules Player enjoys work and makes sure people know that. Once you acknowledge that work is fun—and for you it is even more fun than for anyone else—you will find your step lightens, your stress levels decrease, and your whole demeanor lightens.

By admitting work is fun, you are trading in a secret bit of knowledge that only really successful people usually have. Work is fun— engrave it on your heart. Having a good time at work and realizing work is good isn’t the same thing.

Finishing Touch:

Work being good means you take pride in what you do, enjoy the challenge, and look forward to each day with optimism and enthusiasm. Having a good time at work means not achieving much, talking a lot, winding up colleagues, and drinking champagne all afternoon. There is a difference, I’m sure you will agree. Having a good time at work is a temporary thing.

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