Crucial Tips About How to Use a Kamado

If you think that you are a good cook or know all the ways of grilling, you might be correct, but when we talk about using something new in the market, we should be conscious of the use. The same is the case with the Japanese invention of the Kamado grill. It’s one of the fantastic cooking appliances that help you out indoors and outdoors, grilling and chilling with your family and friends. Therefore, you must invest some precious moments in scrolling down to know about the tips for the safe use of Kamado grills! Now  Kamado Joe sale available in the Kamado Joe sale UK.

#1. Setup Your Grill Wisely

Before use, the proper sorting out of the kamado grill is essential. It is the first and the foremost step not only on the first attempt, but it should be followed every time. The directions given on the guide or by the manufacturer should be followed precisely and wisely. The ceramic material is heavy to carry alone, so ask a friend to handle it and get it into the stand.

#2. Register When it is Mandatory

Note that some companies require registration as a mandatory step, so read the guide properly and register your grill soon before use because, in case of any damage, you can claim the company.

#3. Start Your Cooking By Cleaning the Kamado

If you start with the new unpackaged Kamado or your already used Kamado, you must clean it well. As you know, its surface is porous to avoid the factory smell and any inconvenience while grilling; you must clean it.

#4. Make Your Cooking Utensils Ready

Utensils must be ready before starting grilling. Then, all you need is a spatula and a tong with a firm handling capacity that can help you grip and change the sides of the meat and burgers.

#5. Personal Protective Wearing

While working with such a hot appliance, you must be careful about yourself first. Wear an apron, gloves and shoes like a canvas to minimize the risk of any damage.

#6. Use Charcoal As A Fuel

Lump charcoal is the best and the efficient fuel you can use while grilling on a Kamado grill. It gives extra taste to the dishes, and it burns with the lowest consumption. You can say they are made for each other.

#7. Choose The Best Starter

Electric starter, looftlighter and chimney starter all are best to ignite the fuel. The simplest to use is an electric starter; looftlighter acts like a blow dryer, and the chimney starter are the best way to light up the ancient traditional design grill.

#8. Wait For Somewhile to Take A Start

To get sufficient warmth for excellent convection activity, you must be patient for about thirty to fourth five minutes to get the Kamado grill ready.

#9. Burp to Avoid Flashback

While grilling, Kamado gets amazingly hot. When cooking at a very high temperature, burping is the only solution to avoid any blast. Regardless of the temperature mentioned over the thermometer, do it every time to be on the safe side.

#10. Be Careful About Your Kids and Pets

Kamado gets the hottest, so you must be very careful about kids playing around or helping you. Of course, you must take care of your pets too.


To ride on the joyful journey of grilling, you must take these points to your notice. In addition, you must have sufficient information about the use of different versions of the Kamado line. After reading the guide now, you can shop your bundle deals from the Kamado Joe sale available in the Kamado Joe sale -UK.

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