Dealing with Sexual Harassment at the Workplace- Facts to Consider

If you have encountered an incident of sexual harassment at the workplace, you might feel like quitting your job. Many females face depression and poor mental health due to such incidents. Ethically, your employer should look into the matter and try to resolve it amicably. In many cases, hiring a law firm such as The Law Office of Jeffrey A. Goldberg can be the best bet. If you are confused about what to do, you can discuss your case with one of such lawyers and get guidance. Some facts manytoons about sexual harassment at the workplace are elaborated on below:

Reading the employer’s policy 

In case, you are unaware of whether you manytoon r employer has implemented sexual harassment policy in the company, you must check in the employee handbook, contract or induction manuals. If he has mentioned this policy anywhere, he might be following it in the company. In this case, you can ask your employer to take action against the abuser.

Don’t go verbal 

When it comes to filing a formal complaint rexdlcom  or bringing it to the notice of the company’s officials, you must have it in writing. Sending an email to your manager, HR department, harasser and other important people in the company can make your case much stronger. That’s why, you should always file your complaint in writing. General harassment and bullying may be different from sexual harassment. It is always a good idea to write them if you want to report such incidents.

Sexual harassment has many forms

Many people believe that they can file a complaint with the relevant agency if they have been touched inappropriately, raped or molested. However, if the abuser has asked for a sexual favor in return for promotions and monetary benefits, you can still file a complaint. Asking out for coffee or dinner and passing sexual comments can also be considered sexual harassment if you have warned the person already. If you are filing a complaint, you need to ensure that you have mentioned everything in it.

Your employer may retain the abuser

If you have filed a complaint, you cannot expect your employer to fire the harasser. Even the legal system does not want to fire a harasser. You should not stop going to work if he still attends the office. It may affect your work in a worse manner.

Hiring a good sexual harassment lawyer can help acmarketnet you win the case and get the desired outcome. 

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