Different Types of Trade Show Booths

Your booth is the most important thing on your trade fair checklist. It can be overwhelming to know where to start. Trade fair booths are so customizable and the options are virtually limitless. There are so many great ideas for a trade show booth. Knowing what features will be the most important and most beneficial for your industry and business will help you narrow down your choices. 

Steps to Picking a Trade Show Booth

First you need to know your budget. Trade show booths can get pricey fast. 

Second, you need to know what products you are trying to promote and what merchandise you are giving away.  

Third, you should consider traveling arrangements. 

Fourth, you need to know how much time and resources you will have for assembly. 

Lastly you have to consider how much space you will have at each fair. 

Booths with Storage

Depending on the size and amount of supplies you have to take with you to a trade show, you might need a booth with a good amount of storage space. Many people will perform demos and/or give away samples.

Backlit Trade Show Displays

Trade fair booths that are backlit can attract a lot of attention in a positive way. Because you can add a backlight to any size of booth, it is a great way to make even the smallest of booths stand out from the crowd. 

Booths with a TV

Having at least one television in your exhibit is a great way to display information. You could use a powerpoint, slideshow, play a video, etc. If you don’t want to bring enough things to perform a demonstration on site you can play one on a screen. Most displays have at least one, but you could design a booth with more than one. 

Portable Booths

Can you imagine trying to load up all of your equipment and packing it into something to be drug through an airport and flown across the country? Trade fairs are not always conveniently close. Pop-up style booths are a great option when you have a small team or a single person attending. You won’t want to pack extra tools and waste precious time putting a large and complex display together. 

Booths with Refrigeration

Depending on your industry you could benefit from cold storage or refrigeration. This became popular more recently when things like health or stimulant drinks and food samples have increased in demand. 

Modular Trade Show Booths

If you need to be able to take your display apart and rearrange it or have the option of taking a smaller booth to a show with less available space then a modular trade show booth is the way to go. For example, if you build a 10×20 with an island, you could opt to take just the island to a smaller event. 

How to Proceed

Find a professional designer to build your perfect display. The design and construction process can take time, so if you are planning to attend a trade show this year, get the process started as soon as possible. 

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