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You will gain knowledge of health and fitness by completing the Vcert health and fitness examination. This exam is divided into four units that must be studied over two years. You will learn how to plan for your health and fitness activities. You will also learn about planning a personal exercise program. This course is ideal for students who are working towards becoming a health and fitness trainer.

The VCE Health and Fitness Overview is a practical qualification that covers the core knowledge of the health and fitness industry. It teaches students the effects of various health and fitness activities on the human body, and the principles of training and assessment. The materials used in this qualification are fully editable and flexible, so that individual teachers can tailor them to the needs of their students.

VCERT health and fitness assessments focus on understanding the functions of body systems and how they react to physical activities. These assessments can also be used to design fitness programmes for specific individuals. There are two units of VCERT health and fitness assessments – Applied Anatomy and Physiology and Health, Fitness and Well-being.

The assessments are completed by fitness professionals, and are a useful tool to measure clients’ fitness levels. They also allow trainers to plan exercise programs and identify risk factors. They can also be used to motivate clients by tracking their progress.
Personal exercise plan

Creating a personal exercise plan is an important element of improving your health. It can improve your mood, keep you fit, and even reduce your risk of certain cancers and chronic diseases. In order to create your perfect exercise plan, here are a few steps you can take.

Students wishing to obtain a qualification in health and fitness can take advantage of the NCFE Vcert qualification. This qualification is equivalent to GCSE and focuses on enabling learners to use their knowledge to support people with specific goals. The qualification covers body systems, training principles and techniques, lifestyle analysis tools, and creating fitness programmes. The units are assessed in two years.

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