Easily Compress Videos Without Losing Quality With iTop Screen Recorder

The larger the file size, the slower it is to transfer and upload. This is especially true for video files. Thankfully, there are ways to compress videos without sacrificing quality. With the proper tools, you can eliminate unnecessary extra data while maintaining high video resolution.

Using iTop Screen Recorder

Reduce video size without compromising image quality with ease using iTop Screen Recorder’s built-in compressor, which helps reduce video size to an efficient ratio while still preserving high image quality.

The program supports batch compression, so you can simultaneously compress multiple videos.

Furthermore, the compressor offers three compression levels: Normal, Advanced and Ultimate. These modes can reduce video size by 30%, 50% and 70% respectively.

In addition to video compression, iTop Screen Recorder offers other useful features like recording Zoom meetings and non-linear editing. Plus, you can add stickers, apply filters and more customizations to your recordings for even greater impact.


Comprimir video is an efficient way to reduce file size and free up space. Additionally, it helps optimize transmission speed for improved user experience.

iTop Screen Recorder includes an integrated video compressor to help you reduce the size of your videos without sacrificing quality. It utilizes video coding formats with higher compression ratios for smaller files with the same level of image detail.

The operation steps are very simple, just install iTop Screen Recorder, open the video compression tool on the main interface, select the video file to be compressed, and then select the compression level, click Compress to start compressing the video, the whole process is very fast, it can be done in tens of seconds. It supports batch operations and can compress many video files at one time, which greatly saves time.

In addition to compressing videos, it also has the following functions.


If you need to edit video files, iTop Screen Recorder is the perfect solution. This tool offers various editing features like trimming, cutting and merging videos without sacrificing quality.

It comes with a advanced video editing tool to quickly edit recorded videos with just one click, it allows you to add subtitles, stickers, background music, crop videos, etc.

It supports multiple output formats to save edited videos, so your video formats can be compatible with most players and social platforms.


iTop Screen Recorder is user-friendly and packed with features. It can capture various activities such as video conferences, music, online courses, and webcam videos with ease.

Furthermore, it enables you to record part or all of your Windows 10 screen and select the region for recording. Hotkeys can be used quickly to start and stop recordings.

iTop is a lightweight screen recorder that uses GPU hardware acceleration technology for video recording to make sure the recording process is smooth and without delay, and the recorded video preserves the quality of the video itself.


Video is an effective way to communicate information with others. Recording high-quality video is important if you need to upload it to YouTube, Facebook or email it to share with friends and colleagues.

Thankfully, iTop Screen Recorder can help you record whatever you want with HD quality and no lag. This tool provides a simple one-click solution. After the recording is completed, it supports quick-sharing to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram and more – perfect for on-the-go content creators!


iTop Screen Recorder provides many tools to make recording and editing videos effortless. In addition to the main recording features, it includes a free video editor that allows users to perform multi-layer editing, add text, stickers, effects, and transitions to their recorded videos. A video compressor to reduce the size of the video, and a denoiser to remove background noise from both video and audio

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