Effective Office Space Designing Tips by Top Architects in Nagpur

The office is the place where people spend the maximum hours of their day working. The place should be comfortable and best suitable for working which enhances the responsibility of the architects. The place must have a comfortable seating arrangement, enough space for walking, appropriate lighting so that everyone can work properly without damaging their eyes, and much more.

Let us learn some tips from the top architects in Nagpur, on how we can design office space effectively.

Every office has different sections where the employees of the same teams sit. Always consider the different sections of the office and make the sitting arrangement in a way that the team of the same department sits altogether. This is important for creating good coordination among the team members. As per architectural suggestions, the complete space of the room should be utilized properly and all the team members working on the same project sit together.

The people who work in open-plan offices feel less comfortable as compared to other offices as they are noisier and the employees find it difficult to concentrate. Create a space that is quiet and divided into different sections. It becomes easy for the employees to work efficiently. The staff only communicate for important discussions and do not waste chitchatting a lot. An office must have a small room for a meeting where facilities like a projector, television, etc., must be provided. A small meeting room ensures that all the meetings and important discussions must be conducted quietly without any disturbance.

Another important space in an office must have been a small area for a lunch break. If you have sufficient space in the office, you can utilize it for lunch breaks for the employees. You can add a few tables, chairs, a small fridge, a microwave, and a coffee machine to provide more comfort to the employees. The more comfortable the employees are, their productivity will increase automatically.

If you have frequent visitors or customers in your office, you must have a separate space for them as well. This is important so that no employee gets disturbed during their office timings and you can give enough time to the customers. A quiet meeting space helps in understanding customer requirements properly and providing them with desired solutions.

The next important thing to consider is the lighting in the office. As everyone works on computer systems and laptops, the lighting of the office must be appropriate. If the employees will work in dim lighting, it will affect their eyesight and cause various serious issues. An office must have enough windows so that natural light must enter every corner of the office. Also, use artificial lights which is bright enough to provide sufficient lighting in the room. Every desk has one focused light over it so that they can use it whenever they want and switch it off when the work is done. This also saves energy and reduces electricity bills.

Add appropriate colors on the walls, use some attractive art pieces, and add some plantation in the office space to make it more lively, positive, and fresh.

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