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The 13mlundentechcrunch Series, launched by a group of entrepreneurs, provides investors with the opportunity to acquire shares in startups. These startups are primarily focused on improving the lives of individuals and their families. They are committed to a holistic approach to healthcare and offer solutions to address the needs of consumers.

Founders’ entrepreneurial experiences gave them an advantage in building a financial platform for business finances

One might claim that the aforementioned group of neophytes should not be too churlish to scour the tarnished heights of the FedEx empire and alight with a pair of well suited men and women in business attire. Nevertheless, a cursory perusal of the firm’s financials revealed a number of surprises. As such, it was only a matter of time before a spirited competition arose. While no single firm emerged victorious, the aforementioned contenders did manage to snag the top spot, courtesy of some well honed swagger. The best part?

Raise $47.5 million in Series A funding

In March, Zeni, an AI-powered financial concierge startup, announced a $13.5 million Series A funding round. The investment was led by Elevation Capital and included existing backers as well as Think Investments. It is expected that the new capital will be used to grow the company’s customer base, improve its technology, and ramp up its business operations.

Zeni’s full-service finance concierge uses a combination of artificial intelligence and human expertise to manage the financial needs of customers. Its customers range from pre-revenue startups to $100 million businesses. During its first year, Zeni processed more than 300 million transactions. Since then, the company has seen its revenue grow by 550% and its customer base by 375%.

Raise $34 million in Series B funding

Zeni is a Silicon Valley startup that offers an AI-powered finance concierge platform. According to the company, the one-stop shop for startups manages over $500 million in funds each month. Founders and twin brothers Swapnil and Snehal Shinde previously founded travel app Mezi before it was acquired by American Express in 2018.

In its bid to provide real-time financial services to venture-backed startups, Zeni leverages artificial intelligence and robotic process automation to give founders up-to-date financial information and insights, thereby enabling high-velocity decision making. The company’s software also automates bookkeeping and accounting functions, providing its users with real-time insights and analysis.

Raise $54 million in Series D funding

Zeni is an AI-powered finance concierge company. It offers a real-time financial insights tool and dashboard. The service provides users with a view of all transactions for a startup’s finance stack. Whether a company needs to find out if their sales are growing or how much money they’re spending, Zeni can help. Founded by brothers Swapnil and Snehal Shinde, Zeni has raised $47.5 million in funding to date.

The company’s customers range from pre-revenue startups to companies that are generating $100 million in annual revenue. This year, it has experienced 550 percent growth in revenue.

Raise $60 million in Series E funding

Zeni’s latest round of funding includes $34 million from Elevation Capital and Sierra Ventures. They have also been joined by Dragon Capital, Saama Capital and Think Investments. The new money will be used to scale up its operations to meet the growing demand for its services. This is just the latest in a string of fundraising announcements from the Palo Alto-based fintech company.

The DeHaat model agtech company has managed to impress investors by offering a full-stack agricultural model encompassing farm management, distribution of farm inputs, market linkage for farmers’ produce, financial services and more. A 60-million dollar fundraise is impressive and should set the company on the path to becoming the world’s largest AgTech player.

Raise $90 million in Series D funding

Zeni is an AI-powered finance concierge for startups. The company manages every finance function for a flat monthly fee, enabling high velocity decision making. Its customers include pre-revenue startups and businesses with annual revenue of $100 million or more. They are backed by Dragon Capital, Firebolt Ventures, and Liquid 2 Ventures. This is the largest round for a U.S.-based startup, but the total amount of funding is not known.

Electric Investments has raised over $189 million to date, and recently closed a $90 million Series D round. Like Justworks for HR, the company provides IT infrastructure and compliance software for small and medium-sized businesses. The company is focused on scaling responsibly, aiming to become the country’s leading IT technology provider. To that end, it is acquiring several other companies to broaden its product offering.

Raise $120 million in Series C funding

The Series C round is a popular round of funding for many companies. These businesses typically have a great track record of growth and are ready to expand into new markets and products. They will need additional funding to continue growing and to prepare for an IPO.

Companies that raise Series C funds usually use the money to boost their valuations. This may be necessary before they complete an IPO, or it may be to increase their valuation for potential acquisitions or new business developments. There are many different types of investors participating in this round, including private equity firms, hedge funds, and investment banks.

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