Essential Equipment Guide for Netball Practice

Netball is an exciting game, and there are fans around the world. It might not be popular in many countries, but it is really popular among females in Australia, The UK, New Zealand, etc.

The game is not restricted to females only, and there are men’s and mixed teams as well. This game is played on a court of rectangular shape with two raised goal rings on each end. The court looks pretty much like a basketball court, but the rules are different.

If you are interested in this game, you can buy netball equipment online find a ground (preferably indoor) and start playing with your friends or neighbours. To play this game, you need two teams of seven players each. The duration of this game is usually 60 minutes, but sometimes it is adjusted as per the space and audience interest. The world level championship has strict rules, though.

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Netball is played in around 80 countries by more than 20 million people worldwide, and it is one of the most popular games in Commonwealth nations. Women predominantly play the game, but men are playing this game and participating in tournaments as well.

In 1995, netball was recognized by the International Olympic Committee, and since then, the game has gained more audience. It’s a popular women’s sport in Australia and has an estimated 1 million players in the country.

What are the necessary pieces of equipment required to play netball?

The game is almost similar to basketball and requires strength and physical agility to play. Netball is a sport that lets you release stress and get a fit body.

Here are some essential netball equipment and gear you may require to play the game correctly and safely. You can buy netball equipment online from stores that provide better quality equipment, and set up a netball court in your place of preference.


The goalpost stands 3.05 metres tall and is installed at the midpoint of each goal line. The goal post is similar to the one in a basketball game, but there’s no backboard. It has a metal ring of an internal radius of 19cm. The net hangs on these rings, protruding outwards (and downwards) from the post. The players (shooters) of the teams are required to shoot the ball through the rim to get points. Shooting the ball through the ring is what they call scoring a goal. Lack of backboard makes it tougher than basketball (to score a goal).


Of course, you need a professionally made ball to play this game. The ball usually has a circumference ranging from 69 to 71cm and weighs 0.4 to 0.45Kg. The netball is striped with orange, white and blue colours.


Like every other professional game, netball also requires attire. The attire is usually a jersey with a matching bottom or simply a dress (for women). The attire needs to be stretchy and nonrestrictive of body movement.

Additional support gear

There are some support gears that the players need to wear in this game. The players can choose to wear knee or ankle guards for better stability and avoid injuries. The Kinesio tape treats sports injuries well, and you can see players wearing it during the game. Finally, a nice pair of shoes and wristbands are all you need to start the game.

These are the essential pieces of equipment required to play netball.


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