Essential Tips for a Chic Website Design

When we talk about website design, there are so many different styles and directions in which you can take your website. From making your website minimalistic and classy to making it bright and playful, there is so much one can do with website design.

While it is up to you how you design your website but there are certain rules to make your website worth looking at. The great website design reflects your business personality and also depicts its functions. If you want a perfect fit for your website design, look for professionals who can offer you designs that can increase your traffic and make the right impression, the Scorpion web designer is a perfect choice, especially for home service website designs. There are a few simple tips that you should follow to build your business website to give out the best impression of you.

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Following are the tips that you should keep in mind for designing a website that reflects the passion of your profession:

Keeping Things Minimalistic

Your business website should communicate the core message of your business in one sight. The quick scanning of your home page should depict everything you sell and deal with. There should not be mystery involved when it comes to designing the home page and overall business website.

The key to achieving this high communication of business websites with the viewers is to keep website design minimal.

The less your visitors have to read and click on to read more the more you are making your page simpler for your potential customers

Following are the things you need to do to achieve minimalistic website design:

Keep important content highlighted:

Visitors should always quickly understand what your website is about. They should not be forced to scroll or click excessively to get the gist of your business.


Establishing some blank areas on your website will give the design a more well-balanced feel and a more spacious look. However, the text should be written in bite-sized and legible paragraphs to have a decent minimalistic look employed on your website.


Call to action is the force that drives sales to your business. You should always encourage your visitor to sign up and place orders by placing the call to actions in the right place in your website design.

Visual Hierarchy in Mind

The hierarchy principle of website design is extremely crucial and something that you should not miss while designing your website. To make sure your content is displayed effectively and clearly, you need to use the hierarchy correctly. You should always lead the website visitors’ attention to certain pages in order of priority.

The following are the components of correctly used visual hierarchy:

Size and weight:

Always highlight the top assets, for instance. Your logo, your business name should be visually prominent. Readers should instantly know what the large text does and always have eyes on bold titles as soon as they visit your website. However, the paragraph should be small in text.

Element Placement:

Using the right website layout is important to steer your visitor’s eyes in just the right direction. For instance, you should always place the calls to the action button at the center of the screen. Also, you should position the logo in the header of your website.

Easy to Read Website Content

Readability is one of the most important factors when it comes to website design. You should focus on establishing a spacing content in a way that the words, sentences, and phrases are easily recognizable. This means that when your visitors skim-read through your website they should catch all the essence of your website in one go.

Achieving the website readability is easy as it involves using the following key rules:


Having sufficient contrast between your text color and background color of your website is important for clear readability. While you are designing your website, you should always keep a better color scheme in your mind.

Large letter size:

When it comes to website skimming most people suffer from small fonts. The rule of thumb for website design is to keep the word text body at 16 pt. So to make sure that everyone can read what you are trying to put forward through your website.

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