Everything you need to know about manual lawn mowers

A mower is a machine used to cut grass. Manual lawn mowers use no batteries, fuel or electricity. They work by simply using human power to mow the grass on a lawn. This article will give details of types of manual lawn mowers, how they work and their prices in Kenya.


In 1830, Englishman Edwin Bear Budding was granted the patent for the very first mechanical lawnmower. Forty years later in the USA, the manual lawn mowers came into play through Elwood McGuire of Richmond. The discovery later led to different types of manual lawn mowers that are now being greatly used in Kenya.

Types of manual lawn mowers

Cylinder Mower

Also referred to as a reel mower, it has vertically rotating cylindrical blades positioned at the front of the mower. They function by trapping grass between the blades, chopping them off. It is designed for flat lawns and give quite an exceptional neat cut. It is suited for soft and short grass. With the right type of grass, a cylinder mower is quite affordable and efficient.

Rotary Mower

This is the most common type of manual lawn mower which makes it the most affordable in terms of pricing. It uses a single blade rotating horizontally at high speed and is suitable for medium to long grass. Due to the high-speed rotation of the blade, its results can be less accurate or uneven but can be quite unnoticeable with variations such as slopes or bumps.

Push Mower

A push mower is considered to have the most inexpensive manual lawn mower prices in Kenya. It requires human effort to manually force the machine across the lawn. The user directs it and allows for reversals, easily avoiding obstacles and meeting corners. It requires large labour intensity. The push mower produces no emissions and doesn’t make noise pollution.

Self-propelled Mower

It uses a transmission to propel the machine forward. The user is only required to guide it and not to push it for it to function. It is quite simple to operate and makes the job much easier and quickly done. It gives a more consistent loan cut since it maintains a constant speed. It requires careful handling. Due to its mechanical technicality, it is an expensive type of lawnmower.

Hover Mower

Whilst lawn mower prices in Kenya seem to rapidly change with an increase in technology changes, the hover mower remains quite popular due to its affordable prices. It has reduced contact with the ground eliminating friction by hovering above the ground. It can move in any direction and is particularly useful for awkward yard shapes or obstacles.


There are various types of manual lawnmowers. Choosing the right lawnmower can be very challenging at times especially when you have no idea of a starting point. Using the description above will help you narrow down to a suitable mower for your lawn considering all features and factors associated with a lawnmower.

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