Exactech Knee Replacement Lawsuit

Exactech has recalled numerous knee, hip, and ankle implants, and many patients received notification letters from their physicians regarding the recall. Exactech lawyers frequently receive calls from patients who require revision surgery and want to file a claim.

Exactech is a global medical device firm that creates surgical implants for joint replacements such as knee, hip, and ankle. In addition, they produce surgical tools and technology for orthopedic surgeons. Exactech, a company founded in 1985 by a group of orthopedic doctors, is headquartered in Gainesville, Florida, and has international offices in eight countries, with over 900 employees worldwide. Centered initially on hip replacement implants, it has since expanded its focus to include shoulder joint replacements, knee implants, and orthopedic surgical systems.

Exactech Recall

Exactech, a major medical device firm in the joint replacement field, has initiated a recall of all knee replacement implant systems manufactured after 2004. The recall follows the discovery of discrepancies in the company’s device master records that indicate specific manufacturing steps were not always followed to the letter. While the issue found so far has not created adverse events, the company notes lives could be put at risk if they continue to go unaddressed.

Patients receiving these implants are advised to contact their healthcare provider. Exactech knee implants failed prematurely due to degraded inserts, causing acute pain and revision surgeries. This led to a 2022 class action lawsuit against Exactech for knee replacement recalls.

Exactech lawsuit

Individuals who received knee replacement surgery with the Exactech implant system in the past decade may have the right to file a product liability lawsuit against the company for compensation. This potential lawsuit covers claims of implant failure, resulting in pain and suffering, medical expenses, and lost income. Patients impacted by the Exactech implant system’s failure should contact a lawyer as soon as possible to discuss their legal options.

Exactech is facing lawsuits over alleged defects in their implants for hip, knee, and ankle procedures. The plaintiffs claim that the company was aware of the defects but failed to withdraw the products from the market, resulting in injuries and damages to the patients. Exactech is being accused of negligence and other claims in these lawsuits.

Class action lawsuit accepted by Exactech lawsuit

Exactech has called for consolidating all its implant recall lawsuits in federal courts, ending questions over whether there would be an Exactech lawsuit. The MDL panel advised the move, which agreed that a new class action lawsuit was a suitable solution to handle these cases. Exactech has agreed to the plaintiffs’ claims that the Eastern District of New York is the most suitable venue for creating multi-district litigation (MDL) for the cases of Exactech recall. The approval of the MDL request is guaranteed, given Exactech’s acquiescence.

Victims filing an Exactech lawsuit in federal court would see their cases consolidated under a single judge in New York. This consolidation would allow for streamlined proceedings and potentially more efficient resolution of the cases. Pretrial discovery cases for Exactech will be housed in New York, regardless of the state in which the plaintiff is. If no settlements are reached after pretrial discovery and anticipated trials, the case will be sent back to the plaintiff’s home state for the trial to occur.

Exactech recall lawsuit and expansion

Exactech is facing 27 litigation lawsuits related to its recall. It is seeking to establish a multi-district litigation (MDL) in either the Eastern District of New York or the Northern District of Florida, where its headquarters are located. The lawsuits are pending in 11 different federal districts, and establishing an MDL would consolidate all the lawsuits into a single venue, streamlining the proceedings and avoiding duplicative discovery.

Exactech has added another 1,000 hip and ankle implants to its recall, doubling the number of devices initially subject to the action in February. The US Food and Drug Administration rated the action as Class I, its most serious classification, and warned the device could cause harm or even death. Exactech said it had not received any reports of harm from the device.


Exactech recalls all knee, ankle, and hip replacement implant systems manufactured after 2004 due to a packaging defect. The defect caused a polyethylene insert component to degrade. The company discovered the issue during routine quality control checks and is working with the FDA to resolve the issue. Exactech is notifying affected customers, assisting with device replacement, and offering additional support. No injuries or adverse events related to the recall have been reported.

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