Factors to Consider before Buying an Air Fryer and how it Works

You may desire to produce crispy, moist, and tender foods without frying. An air fryer will make you achieve this. It is a cooking appliance with a small countertop convection oven designed to facilitate deep frying without necessarily deepening your food in oil.

This article explains in detail what an air fryer is, what you should consider before purchasing, and how this kitchen appliance functions. This article addresses those who need this cooking appliance and people purchasing it for the first time.

The demand and popularity of this cooking appliance have increased gradually in many homes because it is fast, safe, and easy to use compared to other cooking appliances and leads to healthier cooking.

Here are factors you have to look into before making a purchase;

The capacity of the cooking appliance

The cooking appliance has different sizes, small, medium to large. Before purchasing, it is good to know the size to buy depending on the number of family members. If cooking a small quantity of food, it’s advisable to go for a smaller one. If having a large family of more than eight people, it’s better to go for a larger one.

Design of the cooking appliance

Most people do not consider this though design in terms of the shape and width of your cooking appliance matters most. You may prefer a round one when cooking a small quantity of food. You may purchase a square-shaped one in case of large families.

Ease of cleaning of the cooking appliance

Some of the air fryers cause a challenge in cleaning. Difficulty in cleaning has made some people refrain from using their air fryers. It is better to go for a simple and easy-to-clean air fryer. You should immediately soak your cooking appliance in hot water after emptying it.

Controls of the cooking appliance

The temperature and timer of the air fryer can be either digital or manual. One may prefer to work with manual or digital controls to cook different foods. Controls selection depends on you, the user depending on your interest. It is good to use digital control compared to a manual one. Digital provides you with the best accuracy on time and temperature.

Warranty of the cooking appliance

Before purchasing this cooking appliance, it is good to familiarize yourself with the warranty period. This appliance is costly, and you have to consider a warranty that covers it for a couple of years, not months.

Price of the cooking appliance

Price is one of the considerations one should look into when purchasing a product. The air fryer price Kenya is currently relatively low. Its features are what guide its price. Because there are similarities in models, you should compare prices, features, and reviews before purchasing. Comparing the features old make you get this appliance at an affordable price with the same capabilities.

How it works

Here are some of the guidelines on how this cooking appliance works:

  • Place your food in the basket, depending on your air fryer’s size and the food you are cooking.
  • Set the time and temperature depending on the food you are cooking and the appliance cooking times.
  • Allow the food to cook while turning the food halfway through the cooking time to help your food crisp up evenly.


Before purchasing a kitchen appliance, one must not only put in place the considerations before making a purchase but also beware of the functioning of the cooking appliance.

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