Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Grinder Machine

A grinder machine is a cutting tool containing a grinding wheel, whose surface can cut through various materials such as metal or even stone. With different materials used daily, different grinder machines have been manufactured to process these materials. This fact immensely affects their prices, and purchasing one can be cumbersome, especially when you have no clue where to start. Here are basic facts that you require to know before buying a grinder machine.

Type of Grinder Required

As previously stated there are different types of grinders all having the same function; cutting, but they tend to differ in the material they cut. Each category of grinder machine also varies in price depending on the grinding method needed. Here are 4 common types of grinders used

  • Surface Grinders – include a work piece holding device (chuck), rotary table and abrasive wheel. This type is primarily used for holding the material as the wheel rotates, giving it smooth finish
  • Cylindrical Grinders – here the work piece and the wheel are rotated simultaneously, shaping the outside of a work piece. Diameter grinders, center less grinders and internal diameter grinders, are all considered cylindrical grinders.
  • Center less Grinders – as its name suggests, it doesn’t contain a spindle, instead, it has two rotary wheels which maintain the work piece in place.
  • Internal Grinders – are mainly used to finish straight, tapered, or form holes accurately. The work piece is held in place by the chuck, rotated by a motorized headstock, and can be adjusted to determine the depth of cut.

Wheel Size

How large or small the wheel or disc directly affects the grinder machine price in Kenya. Its size determines the amount of precision and power of the motor required. The larger the disk, the more powerful the motor will be, the higher the price. Depending on the kind of work intended for the machine, the right size matters. The smaller size means the task will require high precision, generally needing a less powerful motor, and thus relatively cheaper than a larger disk.

Power Source and Rotation Speed

Before purchasing any product, you need to determine its power source and power output, and input. This fact is also applicable for grinder machines, there are multiple grinders, but they also use different power sources. Some use electricity, petrol, compressed air, and even batteries, and its power source directly affects its wheel’s rotation speed. Grinder machines that use batteries tend to be more expensive, due to their easy portability than their latter, so before purchasing any grinder machine, first, identify the available power source.

The disc’s rotation speed is also a crucial factor to consider, since the higher the rotation speed, the more effective the grinder is. Depending on the type of work required, always inquire about the rotation speed to ensure that you get what you pay for.

Material Processed

There are many types of grinders, but they are all separated by the material they cut. For example, a bench grinder only cuts steel and not wood or other soft materials. Depending on the task at hand, there are specific grinder machines created to cut certain materials, and there are multipurpose grinder machines that aren’t limited to a single material. Multipurpose grinder machines are more flexible hence, are more expensive but are more efficient.

Before purchasing a grinder machine, you need to consider what task you need to fulfill. Others use it for work, which might mainly be used on a single material such as steel, while at home, there are multiple uses for the grinder. Depending on where you are using it is a key factor in determining the kind of grinder you desire hence the amount of money required to spend.

In conclusion, these are but a few factors you have to consider before purchasing any type of grinder machine. Other factors might play a key, and buying one is no simple task, but a little research will aid you in finding the right kind of tool for the task at hand.

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