Features of good peanut butter making machine to look out for

Are you in search of purely refined peanut butter? Not every machine can manage to process fine and pure peanut butter. This is manageable through a peanut butter-making machine available in Kenya today. This article is going to talk about the features to consider in a machine before buying and how to maintain it after usage.

Peanut butter-making machine is equipment that is used for grinding groundnuts/ peanuts. Grinding leads to the production of a peanut buttercream that is used sometimes to spread on bread.

The following are some of the features that you need to consider when going to shop for a quality grinding machine;

  • If the stator and rotor are capable of selecting various materials then it is a good machine.
  • Stainless steel material is ideal for a good machine. If the machine can not catch rust, it allows the processing to be smoother and thus promoting the cleanliness of the products.
  • This machine is also capable of adjustments to meet the customer’s requirements. If this machine is capable of being adjusted to various production levels, then it is a good machine.
  • An attractive machine is also the ideal feature to look for. The beauty of the design can convince you todo a smarter job, therefore a beautiful machine giveshope for a beautiful performance. Recycling is the biggest reconsideration when looking for a good pecan butter-making machine. The presence a ofpipe outlet can make this possible. Again the feeding hopper can make recycling a possibility.
  • It is good if it can grind severalqualitiesof peanuts. We have large small-sizzled peanuts and therefore the machine you choose to make the butter must be capable of accommodating all these types.
  • If the machine is capable of grinding 40 kilograms of peanuts per hour, then it is a good machine.

Peanut butter making machine price in Kenya will depend on the above components.

The machine price is higher when the entire above are considered and it is slightly slower when a few above are considered. Therefore, the quality of a machine will impact the amount of money to spend.

Advantages of peanut butter making machine

The rotation speed of the grinding disc can be adjusted. The adjustments can be done following different needs of materials. The adjustability capability is the key advantage to the machine usersfor they are in a position to make different tastes.

This machine has several rangesfor usage. It can also be used to grind other nuts like sesame seeds and many others. These applications, it is an added advantage to the buyer.


You need to disassemble some parts for cleaning; these parts include the auger and plates. Careful cleanliness for thesepieces promotes their longevity.

Parts prevailing for wearing include the pulleys and the plates. The inspection of these parts should be done regularly. Replacement of the worn-out parts is to be fixed regularly too.


In Kenya, this peanut butter making machine is very crucial. It is to be embraced by peanut farmers at large to process everything locally for better benefits to their productson the farm.

It is the best opportunity too to those who want to fully engage in the production of peanut butter ona large scale for both local and international consumption.

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