Features You Should Be On the Lookout When Buying a Water Pump

When buying a water pump, you should be careful so that you do not end up buying an expensive one then realize you do not need it. You need a water pump either for business or home use? Just like any other investment, you begin your search online and find out that getting a good water pump will not be as easy as people would think

Known what you require will govern the characteristics of the pump that will be essential to you and of course the mount you should spend on it. The market has many different makes of water pumps. So what criteria do you use to choose?

Below are some of the characteristics you should consider


Power output is determined by two things, the kind of fluid you will be pumping and the amount of water you pump in a particular time. Sludge and sewage water for instance is heavier and harder to pump than clean water. The make and the kind of pump will be determined by the type of water.

Flow rate

The rate of flow of the pump is measured in GPM (gallons per minute) or m3/h (cubic meter per hour). The flow rate stands for the amount of water the pump will release in a given time. The lower the flow rate the less the water. High flow rate pumps consequently have high power to handle the high speeds.


Before you think of anything else, quality of the water pump is very crucial. It is wise to invest in water pump from renowned brands. Go for brands t have good reviews online and have been in existence for a long time.

Total dynamic [email protected] and pressure of the pump

Level of pressure differs with different pumps. Pressure is equal to the flow rate and the power generated by the pump. Maximum head in consideration to frictional loses is what determines maximum head. The maximum head of the pump equals to the minimum height the pump is able to pump the water. The combination of pressure head distances and the suction power loss caused by friction becomes the total dynamic head.

The suction and discharge head

Discharge and suction should be put into consideration especially when checking the high pressure water pumps price in Kenya. Suction is the height between the pump and the inlet .The distance between the pump and the outlet or the maximum height gained by the discharge from the pump is equals to the discharge head. The discharge head sizes and suction are different from one type of pump to another or one brand to another.


Choosing a water pump is tasking. You might end up spending too much money for a type that wiil be of no use! Consider reading through the above points to help you determine the exact water pump that will suit your needs.

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